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Intelligent condition-based engine/equipment management system

Health management of machines, such as gas turbine engines and industrial equipment, offers the potential benefits of efficient operations and reduced cost of ownership. Machine health management goes beyond monitoring operating conditions, it assimilates available information and makes the most favorable decisions to maximize the value of the machine. These decisions are usually related to predicted failure modes and their corresponding failure time, recommended corrective actions, repair / maintenance actions, and planning and scheduling options. Hence machine health management provides a number of functions that are interconnected and cooperative to form a comprehensive health management system. While these interconnected functions may have different names (or terminology) in different industries, an effective health management system should include four primary functions: sensory input processing, fault identification, failure / life prediction, planning and scheduling. These four functions form the foundation of the method of ICEMS (Intelligent Condition-based Engine / Equipment Management System). To facilitate information processing and decision making, these four functions may be repartitioned and regrouped, such as for network based computer software designed for health management of sophisticated machinery.

Industrial control network security protection monitoring system

An industrial control network security protection monitoring system performs real-time prevention and protection on industrial equipment of the industrial control network, and realizes network security protection monitoring through an acquisition layer, an analysis layer, a function layer and a display layer based on an integrated application platform, wherein the display layer mainly displays security trend, system topology and industrial control panorama; the acquisition layer comprises the acquisition of network data traffic and the recording of industrial control network operations; the analysis layer mainly comprises data processing, data association, data aggregation, data modeling, and integrated interfaces of other function modules; and the function layer mainly comprises monitoring audit, intrusion prevention, vulnerability mining, and data isolation. The system provided by the invention protects and protects industrial equipment in real time through the intelligent protectiontechnology of the industrial network control system, monitors and audits the data information of the entire industrial control network through the monitoring and auditing technology to prevent the industrial control network from being attacked externally, and can also have the vulnerability mining function of the industrial control network to escort the entire industrial control network security.

Apparatus and method for tracking and managing physical assets

A computer based system automatically gathers, analyzes, and delivers information relating to the procurement and utilization of a plurality of such assets, such as a fleet of industrial equipment, so as to maximize productivity and to reduce operating costs and administrative burdens. Each of the assets is preferably provided with a data acquisition device for sensing and storing one or more operating characteristics associated therewith. That information can be transmitted through space to a receiver connected to a local controller for storing such information and for transmitting such information over the internet to a remote analysis system. The remote analysis system automatically updates individual records associated with each of the assets with the information received from the internet. In response to such information, the remote analysis system automatically analyzes the newly provided information and generates reports regarding scheduled maintenance, warranty coverage, and other management information. These reports can be transmitted back over the internet to an administrative controller for review by one or more persons responsible for managerial review. Additionally or alternatively, the remote analysis system can automatically post such reports on a website and, thus, be made available to one or more of such persons upon request.

Aerogel composite material with surface subjected to dust-free treatment and preparation method

The invention relates to an aerogel composite material with a surface subjected to dust-free treatment and a preparation method thereof, in particular to a method using an aerogel felt, an aerogel plate, an aerogel cylinder and an aerogel shaped piece as the base material and coating the substrate surface with compact coating so as to avoid shedding of aerogel surface dust. The method is simple and practicable, can effectively solve the problem of easy generation of dust on the aerogel surface, significantly improves the working environment, and can satisfy the use condition of aerogel in clean space. By adopting different ratios, a rigid coating and a flexible coating can be obtained, high temperature and low temperature application can also be achieved, compound proportioning of an inorganic film-forming agent and an organic film-forming agent also can give consideration to flexibility and fire resistance, and significantly improves the adaptability of the coating paste to different types of aerogel materials. The aerogel subjected to dust-free treatment can be applied to heat preservation of various industrial equipment and pipeline, and also can be applied to thermal insulation of high speed rail, vessels, electronics and pharmaceutical workshops and building field.

Incremental equipment fault diagnosis method based on knowledge distillation and hidden layer sharing

The invention discloses an incremental equipment fault diagnosis method based on knowledge distillation and hidden layer sharing, and relates to the field of bearing equipment fault diagnosis. According to the method, a knowledge distillation and hidden layer sharing technology is utilized, so that a shallow layer equipment fault diagnosis model is guaranteed to have relatively good data characteristic extraction capability, and the fault classification performance of the shallow layer equipment fault diagnosis model is improved. For continuous increase of industrial data and update of an edgeequipment fault diagnosis model, methods of effective sample identification, data set reconstruction, pre-training model fine adjustment and the like are used for realizing incremental learning of the model. The requirements on the network bandwidth and the network delay in a massive real-time industrial equipment data transmission process are met; the accuracy of a shallow layer equipment faultdiagnosis method is improved; and the incremental learning is supported. Through a simulation experiment of bearing operation state data, under the condition that calculation resources are limited, the edge cloud collaborative data transmission efficiency is improved and the fault prediction classification accuracy is realized; and the incremental data learning and processing are supported.
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