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This type of environment usually sets “team” goals and allows people to work together in smaller groups to accomplish team tasks. Employees are focused on working together, and individually hold themselves accountable for the quality of their work.

Aqueous compositions, aqueous cutting fluid using the same, method for preparation thereof, and cutting method using the cutting fluid

An aqueous cutting fluid which can reduce the impact on working environment and the global environment, and can achieve both preventing precipitates from becoming a hard cake and keeping high dispersibility for abrasive grains is provided. Such an aqueous cutting fluid is obtained by a method comprising dispersing abrasive grains (G) in an aqueous composition comprising a dispersion medium (M) containing a hydrophilic alcohol compound such as ethylene glycol, a lipophilic alcohol compound such as propylene glycol and water, and silica colloid particles dispersed stably in the medium. The dispersion medium (M) is odorless and not flammable. The abrasive grains (G) may settle out after a time, but they do not closely contact with one another, and therefore the resulting precipitates do not become a hard cake, which allows the re-dispersion and reuse of precipitated grains. The instant aqueous cutting fluid is inherently low viscous, and the reduction of viscosity owing to the contamination of water and the increase of viscosity owing to contamination of shavings are both moderate. As a result, the cutting fluid has a long life. And articles which have been cut using the cutting fluid can be washed with water. Further, as the dispersion medium (M) is a biodegradable low molecular weight organic compound, a waste liquid from a process using the cutting fluid can be disposed with an activated sludge.

Intelligent instrumented air cleaner

An intelligent instrumented air cleaner comprises a multi-functional sensor, a central processor, a cloud server, a wireless communication module, a purification device, an alarm device, a motor driving mechanism and a humidifier. According to the intelligent instrumented air cleaner, updating and exchange of memory data are realized through the connection between the wireless communication module and a cloud server of the Internet of Things, the air cleaner is controlled through the connection between a mobile device and the cloud server so that a remote controller can be replaced, remote network control is also realized, the cloud server also has an analysis function and a processing result advice providing function and sends processed data to users for reference, the users can set the working state of the air cleaner by themselves and define working strategies by themselves, the air cleaner saves the strategies automatically and performs actions according to the strategies, and self-selection of self-learning setting optimization is conducted on the data in a memory through big data analysis and processing. By the adoption of the intelligent instrumented air cleaner, an intelligent instrumented household net and an intelligent instrumented office net are realized in the true sense, air is purified, safe and reliable living and working environments are provided, useless consumption of electric energy of a traditional air cleaner is avoided, energy consumption is reduced, using pleasure of a user is improved, the parameters of the environment where the user is located are provided for the user in time, and reliable parameters and solutions are provided for environment change handling.

Systems and methods for providing network communications between work machines

A method and system are provided to perform a process of dynamically establishing an ad-hoc network including a plurality of work machines, one or more of which move within a work environment, and each of which includes a gateway. The process may be performed by a respective gateway included within a respective one of the work machines and includes determining a first set of work machines that are within direct communication range of the respective work machine based on the respective work machine's current location within the work environment. Further, the process includes determining a second set of work machines that are in direct communication range of one or more of the work machines in the first set. The process may also include forwarding a packet received from a first work machine included in the first set to a second work machine included in the first set based on a determination that the second work machine is either directly or indirectly within communication range of a third work machine included the second set. In addition, the process includes updating the work machines included in at least one of the first and second set of work machines based on at least one of (i) the respective work machine changing locations within the work environment and (ii) any of the work machines included in the first or second sets changing locations within the work environment.

Air conditioner with self-cleaning function and control method for air conditioner

The invention provides an air conditioner with a self-cleaning function and a control method for the air conditioner. An indoor unit of the air conditioner is equipped with an indoor unit fan, an indoor unit heat exchanger, a humidifying assembly and a humidity sensor, wherein the humidifying assembly is provided with a spray hole which is formed in the indoor unit and is positioned at the air inlet upstream of the indoor unit heat exchanger. The control method comprises the following steps of: receiving a trigger that the air conditioner starts a self-cleaning function; controlling the indoor unit heat exchanger to operate in an evaporator mode and closing the indoor unit fan; judging whether humidity, detected by the humidity sensor, of an indoor unit working environment is lower than a preset temperature threshold value or not, starting the humidifying assembly if the humidity is lower than the preset temperature threshold value, spraying out water mists through the spray hole, and improving frosting degree at the indoor unit heat exchanger; and after determining that the indoor unit heat exchanger reaches a set defrosting condition, controlling the indoor unit heat exchanger to defrost, and taking away attached pollutants by water formed by defrosting, thereby realizing self-cleaning of the indoor unit heat exchanger. According to the scheme adopted by the invention, the self-cleaning effect is obviously improved.

Omni-directional automatic forklift and 3D stereoscopic vision navigating and positioning method

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The invention discloses an omni-directional automatic forklift and a 3D stereoscopic vision navigating and positioning method. The 3D stereoscopic vision navigating and positioning method comprises the following steps: acquiring information of a 3D coordinate in the working environment of the automatic forklift; generating a 3D map; acquiring real-time images and positioning an initial position according to the 3D map; determining a target position; navigating to the target position and judging whether encountering barriers; scanning and identifying two-dimensional codes on a goods shelf; judging whether the automatic forklift is over against the goods and is aligned with the goods; enabling the automatic forklift to insert into a goods shelf tray and completing taking the goods and putting the goods. The omni-directional automatic forklift and the 3D stereoscopic vision navigating and positioning method have the benefits that the 3D map of the working environment is built by a plurality of binocular stereo cameras, the automatic forklift is capable of effectively and accurately positioning, taking the goods and putting the goods with combination of a speedometer, a laser radar and a front camera, three-freedom-degree omni-directional movement on the plane is implemented by Mecanum wheels, the automatic forklift is capable of taking the goods and putting the goods on the same goods shelf without steering, any barriers in the working environment can be effectively avoided in tine by the laser radar and an infrared sensor, and the automatic forklift can be automatically charged by communication between an upper computer and a charging box.

Path planning Q-learning initial method of mobile robot

The invention discloses a reinforcing learning initial method of a mobile robot based on an artificial potential field and relates to a path planning Q-learning initial method of the mobile robot. The working environment of the robot is virtualized to an artificial potential field. The potential values of all the states are confirmed by utilizing priori knowledge, so that the potential value of an obstacle area is zero, and a target point has the biggest potential value of the whole field; and at the moment, the potential value of each state of the artificial potential field stands for the biggest cumulative return obtained by following the best strategy of the corresponding state. Then a Q initial value is defined to the sum of the instant return of the current state and the maximum equivalent cumulative return of the following state. Known environmental information is mapped to a Q function initial value by the artificial potential field so as to integrate the priori knowledge into a learning system of the robot, so that the learning ability of the robot is improved in the reinforcing learning initial stage. Compared with the traditional Q-learning algorithm, the reinforcing learning initial method can efficiently improve the learning efficiency in the initial stage and speed up the algorithm convergence speed, and the algorithm convergence process is more stable.

Control method of man machine interaction mechanical arm

The invention provides a control method of a human-machine interaction mechanical arm, which relates to a safe control method of a mechanical arm working under an unknown environment and solves the problem that an operator accidentally injured due to failure of the existing mechanical arm to accurately model the working environment when the mechanical arm works in close contact with the operator. A mechanical arm controller of the invention collects a joint position in a real time manner by a joint sensor and transforms the joint position q to a Descartes position x by the positive kinematics, and calculates the real-time trajectory planning xpg which is provided with a feedback of the Descartes force; the mechanical arm controller also collects the torque Tau by the joint sensor in a real time manner, calculates the expected torque Taur by Descartes impedance control, and calculates the input torque Taum of the mechanical arm joint by the dynamic compensation of a motor. The control method can effectively detect the force from each joint of the mechanical arm; when contacting an object, the mechanical arm can carry out a soft contact; when a collision happens, the mechanical arm can ensure that the contact force from each direction is within the range of the expected force, thus ensuring the safety of the mechanical arm and the operator.

Marine engineering large thick steel plate submerged arc welding process method in low-temperature environment

The invention belongs to the field of welding, in particular to a process method applicable to marine engineering large thick steel plate submerged arc welding in low-temperature environment, which comprises a welding method, welding material selection, a welding order, a welding process and the selection and control of various welding process parameters. The method renders with carbon dioxide gas protection welding, and fills and faces through an automatic submerged arc welding; stops welding when the welding reaches more than two thirds of the thickness of a large groove during the welding process, clears chips on the back side and completes the welding of the other side; finally completes the welding of the first side; strictly controls all relevant process parameters of the welding during the welding process, and solves the problems of poorer anti-crack toughness of welding seams and heat affected zones caused by too high cooling speed of the welding seams and too high temperature; can ensure good anti-crack toughness of a welding seam connector without heat treatment after welding; and can meet the requirements of welding of an E36 plate with the thickness of 35 to 77mm under the working environment at the temperature of above -30DEG C, simplifies the production process, shortens the production cycle and reduces the cost.

System and method for welcoming guest by intelligent robot

The invention discloses a system and a method for welcoming a guest by an intelligent robot. The intelligent robot stores and classifies the information of registered personnel; the system for welcoming a guest by the intelligent robot is started up; the intelligent robot detects whether a person passes by the front or not, if no person passes by the front, the intelligent robot continuously detects, if a person passes by the front, the intelligent robot obtains the information of a face and compares the information of the face with the information of the registered personnel, then the intelligent robot judges whether the person is registered or not, if so, the intelligent robot counts the appearing times of the information of the face by adopting a corresponding guest welcoming measure, and otherwise, the intelligent robot registers the information of the face and counts the appearing times of the information of the face by adopting a corresponding guest welcoming measure. By adopting the technical scheme, the invention can utilize the intelligent robot to provide ceremonial service for the guest in a working environment, thereby greatly improving the automation and intellectualization degrees of the office space and the good and healthy company image.
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