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Coated controlled release fertilizer of degradable film prepared by reclaiming thermoplastic resin

ActiveCN1603288ATo achieve the purpose of precise controlled releaseFast agingFertiliser formsFertilizer mixturesPolystyrenePolymer chemistry
This invention relates to an envelope control release fertilizer and its production method that using heating fluidized-bed envelope technology. Exhausted thermoplastic resins are used and many filling materials are added, it is used in quick mass industrialized production. Polystyrene cellular resin and polyethylene pellicle resin are mixed as certain proportion set before, and certain proportion flour, corn powder and rubber powder are mixed and dissolved in mixed liquor perchlorethylene and dichloromethane. The liquor is uniformly sprayed to the pre-heated composite fertilizer, carbamide, lemery salt and other fertilizer particles through twin fluid atomization nozzle in heating fluidized-bed in order to form macromolecule polymer envelope that lubricity and densification and with different capabilities of breaking through of water. The liquor is recovered through special made condensation and compaction recovery plant. This production not only has good nutrition control and releasing capability and the nutrition control and releasing term can reach 1 to 12 months, but also the putamina residue in the soil can be degraded in short time, so it belongs to environment good control and releasing fertilizer.

Metal cutting solution of green semi-synthesis double-base oil and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN101531946ASuitable for cuttingSuitable for grindingBase-materialsFoaming agentActive agent
The invention relates to a metal cutting solution of green semi-synthesis double-base oil, which comprises the following components in percentage by weight: 0 to 30 percent of mineral oil, 0 to 30 percent of synthetic ester, 5 to 10 percent of anionic surfactant, 5 to 10 percent of non-ionic surfactant, 5 to 15 percent of anti-rust agent, 0 to 15 percent of extreme pressure agent, 1 to 3 percent of de-foaming agent and 0 to 2 percent of bactericide, and the balance being water. A preparation method for the metal cutting solution comprises the following steps: firstly, heating the mineral oil to about 50 DEG C, adding the synthetic ester into the mineral oil, and stirring the mixture evenly to form a double-base oil system; and then adding the anti-rust agent, the extreme pressure agent, the de-foaming agent and the bactericide into the water respectively, and using the anionic surfactant and the non-ionic surfactant to regulate the system to balance so as to form the metal cutting solution of the green semi-synthesis double-base oil. Because the synthetic ester is added in the preparation process to form the double-base oil system, the biodegradability, oxidative stability and flash point are improved; and the method meets the requirement of environmental protection, and is applicable to cutting, grinding and processing various mechanical parts.
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