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Methods and apparatus for targeted sound detection and characterization

Targeted sound detection methods and apparatus are disclosed. A microphone array has two or more microphones M0 . . . MM. Each microphone is coupled to a plurality of filters. The filters are configured to filter input signals corresponding to sounds detected by the microphones thereby generating a filtered output. One or more sets of filter parameters for the plurality of filters are pre-calibrated to determine one or more corresponding pre-calibrated listening zones. Each set of filter parameters is selected to detect portions of the input signals corresponding to sounds originating within a given listening zone and filter out sounds originating outside the given listening zone. A particular pre-calibrated listening zone is selected at a runtime by applying to the plurality of filters a set of filter coefficients corresponding to the particular pre-calibrated listening zone. As a result, the microphone array may detect sounds originating within the particular listening sector and filter out sounds originating outside the particular listening zone. Sounds are detected with the microphone array. A particular listening zone containing a source of the sound is identified. The sound or the source of the sound is characterized and the sound is emphasized or filtered out depending on how the sound is characterized.
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