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Waterborne room-temperature self-curing inorganic zinc rich coating

The invention discloses waterborne room-temperature self-curing inorganic zinc rich coating. The coating is prepared by uniformly mixing a prepared base stock and powder in a mass ratio of 1:1.5-3.5, wherein the process of preparing the base stock comprises the following steps of: adding 5 to 10 parts of water into alkali metal silicates solution with the mode number of 2.5 to 3.7 and stirring the mixture at low speed; then adding silica sol drops with the grain diameter of 7 to 20nm and the solid content of 25 to 32 percent, dripping 1 to 10 parts of silane coupling agent and adding 0.5 to 2parts of stabilizing agent; and filtering out precipitates to obtain the transparent base stock. The inorganic zinc rich coating has high drying speed and good early-period waterproofness and can resist to washing with certain pressure after being dried for 20 minutes, has good salt spray corrosion resistance due to the adoption of multiple anticorrosion mechanisms and can resist to the high temperature of 400 DEG C. Meanwhile, the constructability of the conventional waterborne inorganic zinc rich coating is greatly improved; and the corrosion resistance year limit can reach over 15 years. The paint is prepared at normal temperature under normal pressure and has low production cost. The environmental protection requirement is met.
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