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Preparation method of antibacterial composite film material

The invention discloses a preparation method of an antibacterial composite film material and relates to the field of plastic thin films. The preparation method comprises the following five technical processes: mixing raw materials; preparing polyamide acid/a precursor; laying a film; preparing a composite thin film; drying the composite thin film. In the preparation method, sol is prepared by adopting a hydrothermal method; the step of converting hydroxide into oxide by calcination in a wet chemical method, which is easy to form hard agglomerates, is avoided; time is saved; efficiency is improved; the preparation effect is good; no other impurities or derived substances are generated; in the process of laying the film, by strictly controlling the temperature and the heat preservation time in an oven, the thin film generating speed is high and the thin film has good quality and high mechanical intensity and is difficult to break by pulling; in the final drying technical process, the prepared composite thin film has excellent performance, adopts a local netty distributed structure, has excellent physical performance and dielectric property, has an obvious corona resistance effect, completely meets the requirements on insulating property of a cable in the electric power industry, and has long service life and good production process stability.

Methyl phenyl silicone resin base high-temperature-resistant coating and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN102585696AHigh mechanical strengthFast self-drying at room temperatureAnti-corrosive paintsSilicone resinOrganosilicon
The invention relates to methyl phenyl silicone resin base high-temperature-resistant coating and a preparation method thereof, which belong to the technical field of organic coating preparation. Methyl phenyl silicone resin serves as a base stock. The resin utilizes methyl trichlorosilane, dimethyldichlorosilance and methylphenyldichloros as hydrolysis raw materials and is prepared by processes of hydrolysis, polycondensation and the like. The preparation process is simple, the resin yield is high, and the pure resin itself has good high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance. The coating utilizes titanium dioxide as pigment, mica powder, talcum powder, low melting-point glass powder and hollow glass microspheres as fillers, organobentonite and KH-550 as auxiliaries and dimethylbenzene as solvent. Organosilicone high-temperature-resistant coating prepared by the preparation method is coated on the surface of a base material, is fast in air drying speed at normal temperature, tough in coating film and high in mechanical strength, can resist to the high temperature of 1000 DEG C for a long time, and has long salt fog resistance time. In addition, the impact strength of the high-temperature-resistant coating reaches above

Super hydrophobic-supper lipophilic polymer porous film, preparation method and application thereof

The invention discloses a super hydrophobic-supper lipophilic polymer porous film, preparation method and application thereof. The surface of the polymer porous film is a micro nanometer structure, a nanometer level and/or micron/submicron level pore channel is arranged in the polymer porous film, the thickness of the film is controllable in the range of tens of nanometers to millimeters and the film is used for oil/water (including emulsified oil) separation. The preparation method comprises the following steps: adding a micromolecular additive into a macromolecular solution according to a certain proportion, spreading the obtained mixture solution on the surface of a substrate, and finally forming a film by a wet-method phase inversion technology. The oil immersion speed of the polymer porous film is quick and the film is not easily polluted, and the film has relatively high separation efficiency and flux for the oil-water mixture and the oil-water emulsion (or emulsified oil), and the film has other features such as convenient preparation technology, easy operation and low production cost. The film can be widely applied in various fields such as large-scale separation and purification of the industrial oil water (emulsified oil water) and large-scale filter and separation of organic liquid/water.
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