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Portable solar panel with attachment points

InactiveUS20060225781A1High solar efficiencyBatteries circuit arrangementsPV power plantsStrappingEngineering
The present invention discloses a portable solar tarp or a field portable battery charger employing a solar tarp, utilizing flexible solar panels, solar fabric, or solar film. Around the perimeter of the solar tarp is a series of attachment points for straps. The attachment points can be grommets, loops, buckles, hooks, buttons, or grab loops and lines, and to which connected various straps (webbing, line, cord, or cable). The present invention further discloses a versatile, adjustable strapping system utilizing straps, buckles, and hooks. The present invention strapping system can attach almost any object to nearly any other object, such as back packs, luggage, vehicles, boats, permanent and portable shelters and buildings, mechanical equipment, and natural objects such as trees, rocks. The solar panel according to the present invention can have the photovoltaic cells wired individually, or in a single line, because when parts of the photovoltaic system is subjected to shade, or if due to space constraint, parts of the photovoltaic system is covered or folded away, the remaining photovoltaic cells with useable energy are still able to function at peak capacity, since the covered cells will not become an energy drain upon the remaining cells. Further, the photovoltaic system is able to harness all available energy, regardless of the required or desired voltage and/or amperage for the system, thus converting any and all available energy into a useable current to either recharge batteries, or power a load.
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