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Retail system for selling products based on a flexible product description

A system is provided in which a sale price is determined based on a product description, and the sale price is transmitted to a customer. The customer is not guaranteed what specific product will be sold to the customer before an agreement to purchase a product for the sale price is received from the customer. After receiving the agreement, a retailer selects a product conforming to the product description, and identifies the product to the customer. The retailer is able to evaluate a customer's individual demand based on the received description and to determine a sale price accordingly, thereby reducing losses associated with conventional single-price systems. Although this may result in different sale prices for an identical product, the system is perceived as fair because a higher-paying customer likely agreed to a different product description than a lower-paying customer, and neither would have agreed to the other's product description and sale price. The system also allows a retailer to mask product discounts by selecting undesirable redemption conditions under which to sell the product, such as pickup at a faraway location, even if the product is available at a closer location. As a result, the customer believes that the discount is attributable to the undesirable redemption conditions, rather than to the product quality or to decreased demand. Accordingly, price and brand dilution are minimized.

Engineered structure for charge storage and method of making

Engineered structure for charge storage. An electrolyte is disposed between two electrically conducting plates, each plate serving as a base for an aligned array of electrically conducting nanostructures extending from the surface of each plate into the electrolyte. The nanostructures have diameter and spacing comparable to the dimension of an ion of the electrolyte. An electrically insulating separator is disposed between the two plates. A CVD process (or other processes yielding similar results) is used to make the aligned array of electrically conducting nanostructures.

System and apparatus for charging an electronic device using solar energy

A system and apparatus for charging an electronic device using solar energy are disclosed. In one form, an apparatus for charging an electronic device is provided. The apparatus includes a first charge port operable to be connected to an energy source and an energy repository operable to store energy provided by the energy source and to actively couple energy provided by the energy source to an electronic device. The apparatus further includes a second charge port operable to be connected to the electronic device to provide either the stored energy or the active energy to the electronic device.
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