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Ion-catching, broad-spectrum, highly effective, dynamic and quick air sterilization purifier

A ionic catching broad-spectrum highly effective dynamic rapid air sterilizing and cleaning machine, belonging to field of application research of air ionizing technique in the artificial environmental science, electrical climatology and iatrophysics; comprising power supply, air quality regulating display, fan or drive air flow, negative high pressure generator, electrical dust collector connected with earth inside and outside of the machine, and negative oxygen ion emission electrode; the negative end of the negative high pressure generator is connected with negative oxygen ion emission electrode to emit negative oxygen ion of high concentration to space, the positive end of it is connected with earth and electrical dust collector; the air quality regulating display can be equipped with water spray in outside, the water spray together with the fine particle in air acts as carrier adsorbing various pollutant in room air, and becomes negative larger dust particle gradually by using negative oxygen ion as kernel, and when its gravity together with the electric field force is larger than floating force, it will quickly fall to positive earth and dust collector, through which realizes purpose of broad-spectrum highly effective dynamic rapid air sterilizing and cleaning, and thus effectively controls the disease spread.

Turbine cooling air centrifugal particle separator

A centrifugal particle separator (202) is provided for removing particles such as dust particles from the compressed airflow (110) prior to reaching and cooling the turbine blades (122, 124, 126) of a turbine engine (100). A particle separator structure (208) has a side facing the axis (118) about which it rotates, the side including a plurality of pocket dividers (214) defining a plurality of pockets (216), and further defining an entrance cavity (206) for receiving the compressed air (110) containing particles. An inner flowpath coupling (218) includes a side opposed to the axis (118) that is positioned adjacent the particle separator structure (208) to define an airflow path (220) having an entrance communicating with the entrance cavity (212) and an exit (222), wherein the diameter (226) of the airflow outer flowpath (224) decreases from the entrance to the exit, and wherein a centrifugal force created by the centrifugal particle separator assembly (202) rotating around the axis (118) and the decreasing diameter (226) of the airflow path (224) which accelerates the rotational velocity of the air, forces the particles (228) to collect within the plurality of pockets (216) and the remaining compressed air is provided to cool turbine blades (122, 124, 126). A plurality of optional air accelerator fins (210) may be positioned within the entrance cavity (212). The combination of quickly accelerating air from non-rotating to rotating velocity, for example, by accelerator fins (210), and further subjecting the air and entrained particles to increasing rotational velocity resulting in an increasing centrifugal force field as particles (228) progress from the entrance (212) to the exit (222) of the separator assembly (202), efficiently removes the particles (228) from the air.

Air quality test and display device of purifier

The invention relates to an air quality test and display device of a purifier. The air quality test and display device of the purifier is characterized by including sensors, a central processing unit, and a display screen, wherein the sensors collect the indoor air quality parameters and the sensors include a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor, a light sensor, a dust sensor and/or a smoke sensor; the central processing unit is connected with the sensors, processes signals of the sensors and controls the processed signals; the display screen is connected with the central processing unit and is provided with a displaying function, and the air quality parameters processed by the central processing unit such as temperature, humidity, dust particles and/or smoke are displayed on the screen; the air quality test and display device of the purifier has functions of testing and adjusting the air quality automatically, displays the air-purifying degree and alarms through the display screen at the same time. The air quality test and display device of the purifier has the advantages of being reasonable in structure and convenient to use, capable of greatly improving the intelligentization of the air purifier, capable of saving energy and protecting environment, and capable of satisfying the humanized practical demands.

Preparation method of high temperature resistant silicon dioxide nanometer fiber filtering membrane

The invention provides a preparation method of a high temperature resistant silicon dioxide nanometer fiber filtering membrane. The preparation method is characterized by comprising the specific steps of: adding organosilicone, water, ethanol and inorganic acid at room temperature into a stirring kettle so as to obtain a mixed solution, and adding inorganic salt; stirring the mixed solution so as to obtain a precursor colloidal sol; inputting the precursor colloidal sol in a spinning head of electrostatic spinning equipment, simultaneously wherein the spinning head is connected with a high-voltage power supply so as to carry out electrostatic spinning to obtain the nanometer fibrous membrane; placing the nanometer fibrous membrane into a vacuum drying chamber to dry, then placing into a box resistance furnace to carry out warming for calcination, namely obtaining the high temperature resistant silicon dioxide nanometer fiber filtering membrane. The preparation method provided by the invention has the advantages that the preparation process is simple, the cost is cheap, the fiber diameter of the acquired high temperature resistant silicon dioxide nanometer fiber filtering membrane is small, the fire resisting quality is good, and the high temperature resistant silicon dioxide nanometer fiber filtering membrane has good structural stability; and the filter efficiency of high temperature smoke dust particles the sizes of which are more than 0.24 mum achieves 99.9% at 1500 DEG C, and the high temperature resistant silicon dioxide nanometer fiber filtering membrane has extensive application prospects in the fields such as high-temperature insulation, individual protection, and aerospace.

Pickling method of preserved meat

InactiveCN101816434AGuaranteed to be moderately saltyKeep freshFood preparationBurned skinAbsorption capacity
The invention discloses a pickling method of preserved meat, which mainly comprises the following steps: cutting into strips-smearing seasonings-pickling-smoking-burning skin-cleaning-baking; the pickling steps of the method can lead a meat product to be tasty fast and have good tasting effect, the meat product is salty moderately and can avoid fat oxidation during the pickling process and preserve the fresh flavor of meat; the smoking temperature and the time are reasonably controlled during the smoking process, thereby leading the aroma of smog to be fully absorbed in the meat product and simultaneously avoiding meat stiffening due to excessive dehydration of cells; a condensing tube is adopted for condensing benzopyrene in the smog, thereby reducing the absorption capacity of the benzopyrene on the surface of the meat product and reducing the residual rate; the skin burning step can not only remove hair roots in the meat skin, but also lead the meat skin to be soft after boiling the preserved meat and facilitate the consumption; the cleaning step can clean dust particles on the surface of the meat product and further reduce the residue of the benzopyrene; and the meat product is dried at the specific temperature till the water content reaches 20%-25%, the meat product has good elasticity and high viscosity during the consumption, a consumer can not feel dry and astringent, and the taste is more comfortable.
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