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Automated process for isolating and amplifying a target nucleic acid sequence

InactiveUS6890742B2Efficient and high through-put operationEfficient space utilizationBioreactor/fermenter combinationsRotating receptacle mixersIsolation proceduresTemperature control
An automated analyzer for performing multiple diagnostic assays simultaneously includes multiple stations, or modules, in which discrete aspects of the assay are performed on fluid samples contained in reaction receptacles. The analyzer includes stations for automatically preparing a specimen sample, incubating the sample at prescribed temperatures for prescribed periods, preforming an analyte isolation procedure, and ascertaining the presence of a target analyte. An automated receptacle transporting system moves the reaction receptacles from one station to the next. The analyzer further includes devices for carrying a plurality of specimen tubes and disposable pipette tips in a machine-accessible manner, a device for agitating containers of target capture reagents comprising suspensions of solid support material and for presenting the containers for machine access thereto, and a device for holding containers of reagents in a temperature controlled environment and presenting the containers for machine access thereto. A method for performing an automated diagnostic assay includes an automated process for isolating and amplifying a target analyte. The process is performed by automatically moving each of a plurality of reaction receptacles containing a solid support material and a fluid sample between stations for incubating the contents of the reaction receptacle and for separating the target analyte bound to the solid support from the fluid sample. An amplification reagent is added to the separated analyte after the analyte separation step and before a final incubation step.

Beneficiation method for recycling specularite

InactiveCN101428248AReduce consumptionReduce the number of equipmentDifferential sedimentationFlotationIronstoneSlag
The invention discloses a benefication method for recovering specularite. The method comprises the processes of primary grinding, grading, primary low intensity magnetic separation, and tailings discarding by primary high intensity magnetic separation; rough concentrate pre-classification by the primary low intensity magnetic separation and the primary high intensity magnetic separation, secondary grinding, secondary low intensity magnetic separation to obtain concentrates, secondary high intensity magnetic separation to obtain concentrates; and selective flocculation desliming secondary conducted on high intensity magnetic separation tailings (middlings), and anionic reverse flotation. The method further comprises the step of arranging a cylindrical slag separating sieve before the primary high intensity magnetic separation. With the advantages that the iron concentrate grade and the iron recovery are high, the loss of granular iron minerals is low, the mineral process flow is short, concentrates and tailings can be obtained in advance and the energy consumption of the benefication is low, the invention can be used not only for selecting specularite ores, but also for selecting weakly magnetic iron minerals, such as hematite, goethite, siderite, limonite, and the like.

Pre-selection method of low-ore grade magnetic iron ore

InactiveCN101502819ASolve the costSolve the problem of large tailingsSievingScreeningSeparation technologyMagnetite
The invention discloses a preselecting method of low-grade magnetic iron ore, comprising the steps of crushing the raw ore of the magnetic iron ore by coarse crushing, intermediate crushing and fine crushing operations, conveying to subject to ultra-fine crushing operation, and then crushing by a high-pressure roller mill, scattering the crushed product by a wet cylindrical sieve, conveying the ore on the cylindrical sieve to the vibrating sieve by a belt to perform wet gradation, conveying the ore on the vibrating sieve to a dry magnetic separator by the belt to discard the waste, returning the ore concentrate of the dry magnetic separator to the high-pressure roller mill to crush the ore concentrate again, perform magnetic separation and discarding tailings of the ore concentrate below the vibrating sieve and the ore concentrate below the cylindrical sieve in a wet coarse grain intermediate-field intensity magnetic separator, and selecting the coarse ore concentrate of the intermediate-field intensity magnetic separator by a grinding separation technology. The invention has the advantages that the invention selects quantities of qualified mine tailings by wet magnetic separation before grinding ore, reduces ore grinding work, reduces ore grinding energy consumption and has high system processing capacity; the invention can be widely used in magnetic ore dressing plant, and in particular suitable for treatment of preselecting low-grade magnetic iron ore with the iron grade lower than or equal to 22%.
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