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Beneficiation method for recycling specularite

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The invention discloses a benefication method for recovering specularite. The method comprises the processes of primary grinding, grading, primary low intensity magnetic separation, and tailings discarding by primary high intensity magnetic separation; rough concentrate pre-classification by the primary low intensity magnetic separation and the primary high intensity magnetic separation, secondary grinding, secondary low intensity magnetic separation to obtain concentrates, secondary high intensity magnetic separation to obtain concentrates; and selective flocculation desliming secondary conducted on high intensity magnetic separation tailings (middlings), and anionic reverse flotation. The method further comprises the step of arranging a cylindrical slag separating sieve before the primary high intensity magnetic separation. With the advantages that the iron concentrate grade and the iron recovery are high, the loss of granular iron minerals is low, the mineral process flow is short, concentrates and tailings can be obtained in advance and the energy consumption of the benefication is low, the invention can be used not only for selecting specularite ores, but also for selecting weakly magnetic iron minerals, such as hematite, goethite, siderite, limonite, and the like.
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