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Dry-grinding and dry-separation method of magnetite

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The invention discloses a dry-grinding and dry-separation method of magnetite, which comprises the following steps of: feeding the crude ore of magnetite into a crusher for coarse crushing, and then feeding the crushed magnetite into a vibrating sieve for sieving; controlling the sieve meshes within a range of 35-75 mm; feeding the oversize product to the crusher for intermediate crushing and then feeding the crushed oversize product into a high-pressure roller mill along with the undersize product for fine crushing; breaking and grading the fine-crushed ore by a breaking-grading machine, thereby obtaining the products of three grain grades, i.e. coarse grains, fine grains and fine powder; returning the coarse-grain grade product to the high-pressure roller mill through an elevator, and feeding the fine-grain grade product to a dry type magnetic separator for magnetic separation and discarding tailings, wherein the magnetic field intensity is controlled within a range of 1200-3000 Gs; directly dryly stacking the discarded fine-grain grade tailings, and returning the fine-grain grade concentrate to the high-pressure roller mill through a belt conveyor and the elevator to form a closed loop; and feeding the fine-powder grade product into a cyclone magnetic separator, wherein the magnetic field intensity is controlled within a range of 600-1200 Gs, thereby obtaining concentrate or semi-concentrate. The dry-grinding and dry-separation method is low in power consumption, steel consumption and water consumption, and the tailings are easy to be disposed of.
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