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In physics, specifically electromagnetism, the magnetic flux (often denoted Φ or ΦB) through a surface is the surface integral of the normal component of the magnetic field B passing through that surface. The SI unit of magnetic flux is the weber (Wb) (in derived units: volt · seconds), and the CGS unit is the maxwell. Magnetic flux is usually measured with a fluxmeter, which contains measuring coils and electronics, that evaluates the change of voltage in the measuring coils to calculate the measurement of magnetic flux.

Wind turbine

InactiveUS7042109B2Improve efficiencyCost per unit power generationWindingsWind motor controlRotational energyAir core
A wind turbine for generating electrical power from wind energy includes a turbine rotor mounted for rotation in wind, and having multiple blades for converting energy in the wind into rotational energy. A generator is coupled with said turbine rotor such that said turbine rotor drives said generator. The generator has a stationary air core armature that is located in a magnetic airgap between two generator rotor portions. The generator rotor portions have circumferential arrays of multiple alternating polarity permanent magnets attached to ferromagnetic back irons such that the permanent magnets drive magnetic flux back and forth between each rotor portion and through the stationary air core armature. The stationary air core armature has multiple phase windings of multiple individually insulated strand conductor wire that is wound with two separate portions including an active length portion and an end turn portion. The end turn portion is located outside the magnetic airgap and traverses predominately circumferentially, and the active length portion is located in the magnetic airgap and traverses predominately non-circumferentially and perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic airgap. The end turn portion has a thickness that is greater than the thickness of said active length portion in the direction of said magnetic airgap. AC voltage is induced in the multiple phase windings as the turbine rotor rotates.

Device for high-resolution measurement of magnetic fields

A device is proposed for high-resolution measurement, in particular for high-resolution absolute measurement of magnetic fields, having a network (1) of transitions (3) between superconductors (5, 6) which exhibit Josephson effects, called junctions below, the network comprising closed meshes (7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13), denoted by cells below, which in each case have junctions (3), which junctions are connected in a superconducting fashion, and at least three of these cells being connected in a superconducting and/or nonsuperconducting fashion. The object of the invention consists in further developing this device in such a way that it is possible to make absolute measurements of magnetic fields in a highly sensitive fashion. This object is achieved by virtue of the fact that the junctions (3) of the at least three cells (7, 8, 9) can be energized in such a way that a time-variant voltage drops in each case across at least two junctions of a cell, the time average of which voltage does not vanish, and in that the at least three cells are configured differently geometrically in such a way that the magnetic fluxes enclosed by the cells in the case of an existing magnetic field differ from one another in such a way that the frequency spectrum of the voltage response function has no significant Phi0-periodic component with reference to the magnetic flux.
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