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Electromagnetic induction heating type electric hair drier

The invention discloses an electromagnetic induction heating electric hair dryer, pertaining to an airflow generation and heating device. The electrical-heating hair dryer in the prior art has problems and defects in the aspects of application environment, energy saving, safety, noise, comfort, etc. A heater of the hair dryer of the invention comprises an electromagnetic induction eddy-flow heating component served as a heat generation component, electromagnetic coils winding outside the heat generation component and an electronic control circuit that is electrically connected with the electromagnetic coils and positioned outside an airflow channel. As the electric hair dryer adopts the electromagnetic induction to heat air, compared with the hair dryer with electrical heating in the prior art, the heating efficiency of the hair dryer of the invention is greatly improved and the heated air can smoothly flow in the airflow channel, thus the power consumption and operating noise of the hair dryer are remarkably reduced; the flowing speed of the airflow and the temperature distribution at the outlet section of the electric hair dryer are more even and the hair dryer is safer and more comfortable and can save more electricity when in use.
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