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An ionomer (/ˌaɪˈɑːnəmər/) (iono- + -mer) is a polymer composed of repeat units of both electrically neutral repeating units and ionized units covalently bonded to the polymer backbone as pendant group moieties. Usually no more than 15 mole percent are ionized. The ionized units are often carboxylic acid groups.

Composition for use in golf balls and sports equipment

The present invention relates to a novel blend composition suitable for use in sports equipment in general and in particular for use in golf ball manufacture. The composition is the reaction product of; A) a polymer of ethylene and / or one or more alpha olefins, and an acid, ester, or anhydride (“Component (A)”); and B) a compound comprising both an amine and a carboxylic acid in the same molecule which may be present in either a neutral or ionic or zwitterionic form (“Component (B)”); and C) a basic metal ion salt, capable of neutralizing the acid groups of Component (A) and / or Component (B). The metal ions including Li+, Na+, K+, Zn+, Co2+, Ca2+, Ni2+, Cu2+, Pb2+, and Mg2+, with Li+, Na+, Zn2+, Ca2+, and Mg2+ being preferred, and their salts include those of, for example, formic acid, acetic acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, carbonic acid, bicarbonic acid, as well as the metal oxides, hydroxides, and alkoxides (“Component (C)”). The present invention is also embodied in a blend composition including the reaction product of one or more ionomers and Component (B) which is a compound having a general formula (R2N)m—R′—(X(O)nORy)m, where R is either hydrogen, one or more C1-C20 aliphatic systems, one or more cycloaliphatic systems, one or more aromatic systems, or a combination of these. Also R′ is a bridging group comprising one or more unsubstituted C1-C20 straight chain or branched aliphatic or alicyclic groups, or one or more substituted straight chain or branched aliphatic or alicyclic groups, or one or more aromatic groups, one or more oligomers each containing up to 12 repeating units, and when X is C or S or P, m is 1-3. Also when X=C, n=1 and y=1, and when X=S, n=2 and y=1, and when X=P, n=2 and y=2. The present invention also resides in a golf ball including a core, an outer cover layer; and from 0 to 5 intermediate layers, wherein one or more of said core, outer cover, and / or intermediate layers, if present, includes the aforementioned blend compositions. Finally, the present invention is also embodied in sports equipment items comprising the aforementioned blend compositions.

Production method for liner gloves aqueous polyurethane coating connection material

The invention discloses a production method for insert gloves water-based polyurethane coating bonding materials. The method comprises the following steps of: under the protection of dry nitrogen, adding polyether glycols (including polyether diatomic alcohol and / or polyether triatomic alcohol) having undergone vacuum dewatering and isocyanate into a reaction vessel; heating the mixture up to between 80 and 100 DEG C for reaction after even mixing; then adding a hydrophilic chain extender such as dihydromethyl propionic acid (DMPA) and a catalyst for reaction at a temperature of between 80 and 100 DEG C; finally adding the chain extender and a solvent into the mixture for reaction at a temperature of between 55 and 65 DEG C until the NCO content of the isocyanate group does not change; discharging the reactant after temperature reduction to obtain an ionomer; neutralizing a preformed polymer with triethylamine or diethanolamine or triethanolamine and then adding water the mixed solution for emulsification to obtain water-based polyurethane latex; and carrying out reduced pressure distillation to remove the solvent and obtain the product. The synthesized water-based polyurethane resin which serves as a gloves coating has the advantages of good air and moisture permeability, excellent mechanical performance, solvent resistance, ageing resistance, resistance to corrosion caused by chemical mediators, oil resistance, resistance to hooking, cutting and piercing, excellent abrasion resistance, odorlessness, innocuous and nondestructive for contacting with skin, etc.

Image receptor medium containing ethylene vinyl acetate carbon monoxide terpolymer

An image receptor medium including an image reception layer having two major opposing surfaces. The image reception layer comprises a terpolymer of ethylene vinyl acetate carbon monoxide, optionally blended with at least one other polymer that can be wherein the image reception layer further comprises at least one other polymer blended with the terpolymer, wherein the other polymer is selected from the group consisting of ethylene vinyl acetate resins, ethylene (meth)acrylic acid copolymer resins, polyethylene resins, polypropylene resins, ionomers, acid-modified or acid/acrylate modified ethylene vinyl acetates and a polymer comprising at least two monoethylenically unsaturated monomeric units, wherein one monomeric unit comprises a substituted alkene where each branch comprises from 1 to about 8 carbon atoms and wherein one other monomeric unit comprises a (meth)acrylic acid ester of a nontertiary alkyl alcohol in which the alkyl group contains from 1 to about 12 carbon atoms and can include heteroatoms in the alkyl chain and in which the alcohol can be linear, branched, or cyclic in nature, and combinations of such other polymers thereof. Alternatively, the image receptor medium includes a substrate layer comprising a polymer substrate layer having two major opposing surfaces and an image reception layer on a first major surface of the substrate layer. The image reception layer has an outer surface for receiving images, and comprises a terpolymer identified above. Either embodiment of the image receptor medium may further include an optional prime layer, an optional adhesive layer, and an optional inkjet layer.
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