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Special seedling-raising medium for leaf vegetables

The invention discloses a special seedling-raising medium for leaf vegetables, belonging to the technical field of soilless culture. The medium comprises vinegar residue, manioc waste and other organic wastes, as well as vermiculite, grass carbon, plant ash and perlite. The formula of the medium comprises the following components in volume ratio: 25-35 parts of vinegar residue, 5-10 parts of manioc waste, 10-15 parts of plant ash, 15-20 parts of vermiculite, 20-25 parts of grass carbon and 5-10 parts of perlite; and the medium has total nutrient content of 1-3%, free water content of 25-40%, total porosity of 65-85%, volume weight of 0.1-0.8g/m<3>, pH of 5.5-7.5, EC (electrical conductivity) value of 0.5-2.0mS/cm and dry base organic matter content of not less than 25%. The special seedling-raising medium disclosed by the invention mainly takes the vinegar residue, the manioc waste and other organic wastes as raw materials, and high-temperature fermentation treatment is performed for producing the soilless culture medium, so that the wastes are changed into valuables and harmful things are further turned to beneficial things. The special seedling-raising medium has the advantages of low cost, light texture and complete nutrition, is very suitable for raising seedlings of the leaf vegetables, and becomes a good seedling-raising medium for soilless culture of horticultural crops.

Electromagnetic wave blocking material and electromagnetic wave blocking case

This invention provides the electromagnetic waves shield material that has a sufficient effect of shielding the electromagnetic waves by making the electric conductive fibers into mesh. And this invention also provides the electromagnetic waves shield mobile phone case that avoids a harmful effect on the human body without reducing the function of communication of the mobile phone used the said electromagnetic waves shield material.
The fibers with electric conductivity are woven into mesh by a general knitting machine like a machine for tricot. The cost is low even used for the wide area to shield the electromagnetic waves because the consumption of the fibers needed is less. The coarseness of the net is maintained the same by controlling the movement of the length and breadth each other.
To avoid the radiation to the head direction, the electromagnetic waves shield material is used for the front and upper sides of the mobile phone case which are the direction to the head when the mobile phone is in use. The regular material without electromagnetic waves shield effect is used for the both sides of the mobile phone case.
The antenna cap with electromagnetic shield structure is attached to the said upper side of the electromagnetic wave shield case. The electricity with high frequency is conducted between the above antenna cap and the upper side of the electromagnetic wave shield case. The said antenna cap is a conic tube cut it's head obliquely. The opening part is made to face in the opposite side of the head when it is attached to the antenna. A metallic pin is attached to the outside of the antenna cap. This metallic pin conducts high frequent electricity with the wire antenna at the mobile phone body when it is attached. It functions as an additional antenna to the wire antenna at the mobile phone body.

Electroplating wastewater zero-discharge or low-discharge handling method

The invention provides a processing method for zero draining or low draining of electroplating wastewater. The method adopts an integrative technique, such as barrier concentration, barrier separation, ion exchange, and ultraviolet light catalytic oxidation, etc. The following steps are adopted: the pretreatment of the electroplating wastewater; the treatment for the three types of wastewater including pickling wastewater, wastewater containing cyanide and passivating and electroplating rinsing composite wastewater; and the treatment for the wastewater in an acid-soluble pool. Compared with the wastewater in an integrative electroplating plant with universal generic multi-plating species, only the prior water separation method with no need to control the troubled water strictly can realize : first, zero draining of the electroplating wastewater is performed; second, when operating in the low energy consumption way, 65 to 85 percent of water recovery is realized, the left wastewater which can not be recovered is discharged when reaching the primary discharge standard of National Standard; third, the processing cost is reduced; fourth, the metallic ion in the wastewater can be effectively recovered and utilized, at the same time, the benefit disinvestment cost is produced; fifth, the amount for causing solid waste is reduced; sixth, the invention is advantageous to realize the automatic control and the operation.

Fabrication method of soilless culture matrix for vegetables

The invention discloses a fabrication method of a soilless culture matrix for vegetables. According to the method, a high-temperature super promoter containing beneficial microorganisms is adopted to carry out fermentation rotten treatment on alcohol renewal and straw powder; raw and auxiliary materials, such as coconut shell powder, carbonised rice husk or plant ash, frozen earth or cripple, perlite and vermiculite, are added for preparing. The method comprises concrete operations: collecting and processing the raw and auxiliary materials; composting and fermenting the materials and organic materials according to a formula; and adding coconut shell powder and other auxiliary materials. In the finished soilless culture matrix for the vegetables, the content of moisture is smaller than or equal to 45%; the content of a dry-base organic matter is greater than or equal to 40%; the total nutrient content of dry N, P2O5 and K2O is 2.5-3%; the pH is 5.5-7; the EC is smaller than or equal to 2.5; the particle size is smaller than or equal to 5mm; the material of which the particle size is 2-4mm accounts for 55-60%. By adopting the fabrication method, organic wastes such as the coconut shell powder, the alcohol renewal, and the straw powder are mainly utilized as the raw materials; the culture matrix for the vegetables is produced by adopting high-temperature fermentation; the waste is changed into treasures; harm matters are turned into good matters. The soilless culture matrix is low in cost, light in texture, full in nutrient, and applicable to growth and development of the vegetables, and is a good matrix for the soilless culture of the vegetables.
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