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SCR denitration catalyst and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a preparation method of an SCR denitration catalyst, which comprises the following steps: (1) Al2O3 sol is prepared, which comprises the steps that hot ammonia, the Al2O3 is added in drops into the ammonia and then HCI is added and the mixture is stirred; (2) Al2O3-SiO2-TiO2 composite sol is prepared, which comprises the steps that tetratethoxy-silane, butyl titanate, deionized water are sequentially put into ethanol to be aging and then the sol prepared by step (1) is adding to be stirred and aging; (3) vector is coated, which comprises the steps that cordierite honeycomb immersed into the sol of step (2) and the raffinate in a channel is cleaned, dried and roasted after being taken out; (4) active component impregnating solution is prepared, which comprises the steps that lanthanum nitrate, ammonium metavanadate and ammonium paratungstate are dissolved into the deionized water after being mixed together and oxalate acid is added to be aging; (5) the active component is loaded, which comprises the steps that the vector of the step (3) is immersed into the impregnating solution of the step (4) and then the raffinate in the channel is cleaned to be dried and roasted. The invention also relates to the denitration catalyst which is prepared by the method.

Small-particle-size carboxylic styrene-butadiene latex and its preparation method

The invention belongs to the technical field of seed emulsion polymerization, relates to a preparation of a high polymer material, and especially relates to a small-particle-size carboxylic styrene-butadiene latex and its preparation method. Technical problems comprising unadjustable particle size, bad mechanical stability, bad chemical stability and the like of latexes in the prior art are solved in the invention. The preparation method which adopts a seed emulsion polymerization technology and adopts butadiene and styrene as monomers comprises the following steps: adding soft water, a seed latex, an electrolyte, a chelating agent and a pH buffering agent; heating; adding functional monomers, unsaturated carboxylic acid, a molecular weight adjustment agent, a composite emulsifier and an initiator; degassing when the conversion rate reaches above 98%; cooling; and synthesizing the carboxylic styrene-butadiene latex. Compared with the prior art, the preparation method of the small-particle-size carboxylic styrene-butadiene latex has the advantages of realization of the adjustment of the particle size of the latex, and simple operation; and compared with present carboxylic styrene-butadiene latexes, the carboxylic styrene-butadiene latex prepared in the invention has the advantages of narrow monodispersion, good fluidity, excellent mechanical stability and excellent chemical stability.
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