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Catheter with coiled multi-lumen heat transfer extension

A catheter includes a sealed multi-lumen heat transfer extension designed to internally circulate a coolant, and thereby cool tissue or fluid surrounding the catheter. The heat transfer extension includes a tube having a distally positioned region that coils about the tube's longitudinal axis. The tube houses multiple lumens running longitudinally along the tube. These lumens include one or more supply lumens and one or more return lumens. A distal fluid exchange reservoir resides at the tube's tip, for the purpose of redirecting fluid from the supply lumen(s) to the return lumen(s). The heat transfer extension may include a shape memory structure causing the heat transfer extension to vary its shape according to temperature. Namely, the extension assumes a coiled shape under predetermined shape-active temperatures, and it assumes a non-coiled shape under other predetermined shape-relaxed temperatures. The catheter also includes an interface having supply and return lines to provide coolant to the heat transfer extension, and remove coolant returning therefrom. To connect the supply/return lines with the supply/return lumens, the invention may include a fluid transfer housing. Optionally, one or more of the lumens may be configured as flow-through lumens to exchange fluids with the patient.

Nanofiber surfaces for use in enhanced surface area applications

This invention provides novel nanofiber enhanced surface area substrates and structures comprising such substrates, as well as methods and uses for such substrates.

Intervertebral prosthetic disc and method for installing using a guidewire

The present invention includes an intervertebral prosthetic disc, a method for installing a plate into an intervertebral space, and a method for installing a prosthetic disc into an intervertebral space. The intervertebral prosthetic disc can include a superior endplate and an inferior endplate, wherein at least one of the superior endplate and the inferior endplate is adapted to receive a guidewire. In the methods for installing a plate into an intervertebral space and for installing a prosthetic disc into an intervertebral space, a guidewire is used to facilitate installing plates onto vertebral bone endplates.

Medical Device Applications of Nanostructured Surfaces

ActiveUS20070282247A1Increase heightPrevent/reduce bio-foulingNanotechElectrotherapyMedicineNanofiber
This invention provides novel nanofiber enhanced surface area substrates and structures comprising such substrates for use in various medical devices, as well as methods and uses for such substrates and medical devices. In one particular embodiment, a method of administering a composition to a patient is disclosed which comprises providing a composition-eluting device, said composition-eluting device comprising at least a first surface and a plurality of nanostructures attached to the first surface, and introducing the composition-eluting device into the body of the patient.

Systems and methods for electrosurgical tissue contraction

InactiveUS7094215B2Limiting thermal damage and dissociationSuppress thermal damageEye treatmentSurgical instruments for heatingSacroiliac jointSurgical department
Systems and methods are provided for performing electrosurgical interventions, such as selectively contracting soft collagen tissue and other body structures, while limiting thermal damage or molecular dissociation of such tissue and limiting the thermal damage to tissue adjacent to and underlying the treatment site. The systems and methods of the present invention are particularly useful for surgical procedures in electrically conducting environments, such as arthroscopic procedures in the joints, e.g., shoulder, knee, hip, hand, foot, elbow or the like. The present invention is also useful in relatively dry environments, such as treating and shaping the cornea, and dermatological procedures involving surface tissue contraction of tissue underlying the surface of the skin for tissue rejuvenation, wrinkle removal and the like.

Golf club including striking member and associated methods

A golf club includes a golf club shaft and a golf club head connected to the golf club shaft. The golf club head includes a body having a forward surface and a striking member connected to the forward surface of the body. The striking member includes predetermined properties to deflect inwardly during initial contact with a golf ball and recover outwardly as the golf ball moves away substantially synchronized with compression and expansion of the golf ball. In some embodiments, the golf club head may include a spacer or neck connecting opposing medial portions of the body and the striking member. In other embodiments, the striking member may include a first layer and a second underlying layer disposed over the body.
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