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Chitosan controlled release fertilizer microspheres and preparation method thereof

ActiveCN104311253AIncrease surface areaImprove adsorption capacitySolid/semi-solid fertilisersMatrix fertilisersFertilizerUltrasonic oscillation
The invention provides chitosan controlled release fertilizer microspheres and a preparation method thereof. The controlled release fertilizer consists of biodegradable chitosan, polyvinyl alcohol, sodium alginate and a chemical fertilizer. The preparation method comprises the following steps: dissolving chitosan in an acetic acid solution; dissolving the chemical fertilizer and polyvinyl alcohol in the chitosan acetic acid solution; adding an ion crosslinking agent to obtain microspheres; and putting the microspheres in a sodium alginate solution for ultrasonic vibration to form the chitosan controlled release fertilizer microspheres. In the process of crosslinking to form the microspheres, fertilizer molecules are adhered and wrapped in crosslinked network micropores of the chitosan microspheres, so that the solubility and releasing capacity of the fertilizer molecules are changed and nutrients are slowly released along with degradation of the chitosan microspheres. At the same time, a sodium alginate electrolyte membrane is wrapped on the surfaces of the microspheres, thereby reducing the burst release phenomenon of nutrients generated in the initial release stage. The controlled release fertilizer is simple in preparation process, relatively low in cost, environmentally friendly and non-toxic and suitable for industrial production.

Method for preparing efficient hydrolysis metal sulfide electrode material through one-step method

InactiveCN108060411AIncrease surface areaShort delivery pathLiquid/solution decomposition chemical coatingElectrode shape/formsPower flowOxygen
The invention discloses a method for preparing an efficient hydrolysis metal sulfide electrode material through a one-step method. The method includes the following steps that nickel foam obtained after ultrasonic treatment serves as a carrier and is soaked into a high pressure reactor containing metal sulfide and a precursor, a hydrothermal reaction is made at 140 DEG C-200 DEG C so that the metal sulfide can be loaded on the nickel foam, and reacting is carried out for 6 h. the method has the following beneficial effects that (1) the three-dimensional porous metal sulfide is directly synthesized without the help of a template, the hydrolysis hydrogen evolution and oxygen evolution catalytic activity site density is high, the electronic transferring path is short, and the catalytic performance is good; (2) the metal sulfide of a nano-structure is directly connected with the electrical conductive nickel foam carrier, the contact and the electrical conductivity are good, the specific conductance and the electron transferring efficiency are better improved, and overpotential needed by energy barriers is reduced to a large extent; and (3) electrolyte can enter the interior of the porous electrode material easily, the electric current density is high, the crystal structure is stable, and the circulated stability and durability of the material are greatly improved.
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