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Photovoltaic module-mounted ac inverter

A photovoltaic module-mounted AC inverter circuit uses one or more integrated circuits, several power transistors configured as switches, several solid-dielectric capacitors for filtering and energy storage, several inductors for power conversion and ancillary components to support the above elements in operation. The integrated circuit includes all monitoring, control and communications circuitry needed to operate the inverter. The integrated circuit controls the activity of pulse-width modulated power handling transistors in both an input boost converter and a single-phase or multi-phase output buck converter. The integrated circuit also monitors all power processing voltages and currents of the inverter and can take appropriate action to limit power dissipation in the inverter, maximize the available power from the associated PV module and shut down the inverter output if the grid conditions so warrant. The integrated circuit implements power line communications by monitoring the AC wiring for signals and generating communications signals via the same pulse-width modulation system used to generate the AC power. Communications is used to report inverter and PV module status information, local identification code and to allow for remote control of inverter operation.

Bipolar direct current power transmission system with direct current failure self-elimination capacity

The invention discloses a bipolar direct current power transmission system with a direct current failure self-elimination capacity. The bipolar direct current power transmission system comprises two current converters, wherein the positive end and the negative end of the first current converter are connected with the positive end and the negative end of the second current converter through two direct current power transmission lines respectively; each current converter consists of a positive electrode current conversion unit and a negative electrode current conversion unit which are connected in series with each other; and joints of the positive electrode current conversion units and the negative electrode current conversion units are grounded. By adopting a bipolar structure, a failed pole is generally required to be closed during direct current failure, so that a perfect pole is not influenced; and therefore, the reliability of the system is improved. A technology that the middle part is led out and grounded is adopted, so that stage construction and storage increase and extension of the system are facilitated; a single pole is put into operation, and then two poles are put into operation, so that the investment benefit can be developed early; furthermore, a grounding branch supplies a current backflow channel to the system under a single-pole loop running mode; and the current of the grounding branch is extremely low during balance running.

Method and apparatus for providing uninterruptible power

Methods and apparatus for providing uninterruptible power are provided by aspects of the invention. One aspect is more particularly directed to an uninterruptible power supply for providing power to a load. The uninterruptible power supply includes a first input to receive input power from an input power source, an output to provide output power, a bypass input to receive bypass power from a bypass power source, wherein the bypass input is selectively coupled to the output to provide output power from the bypass power source, an input power circuit coupled to the first input and having a DC output that provides DC power having a first DC voltage level, a back-up power source coupled to the input power circuit to provide DC power at the DC output in a back-up mode of operation, and an inverter circuit having an output coupled to the DC output of the input power circuit and having an output coupled to the output of the uninterruptible power supply to provide the output power derived from at least one of the input power source and the back-up power source. The uninterruptible power supply is constructed and arranged in a bypass mode of operation to control the inverter circuit to convert AC power from the bypass power source at the output of the inverter circuit to DC power at the input of the inverter circuit.
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