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Reduction of the nonspecific animal toxicity of immunotoxins by mutating the framework regions of the Fv to lower the isoelectric point

The invention provides recombinant immunotoxins that have been modified from a parental immunotoxin to lower liver toxicity. The immunotoxins are created by specifically mutating charged residues in the framework regions of the heavy chain, the light chain, or both, of the antibody portion or antigen-binding fragment thereof of the parental immunotoxin to reduce the pI of the antibody or fragment. In preferred forms, the antibody portion of the parental is an anti-Tac, anti-mesothelin, or anti-LewisY antigen antibody or antigen-binding fragment, and in particularly preferred forms the antibody portion is an M16 dsFv, a St6 dsFv or a Mt9 dsFv, or a sequence that has at least 90% sequence identity to one of these molecules but retain the particular mutations that lower pI without affecting antibody activity. The invention further provides nucleic acids encoding the recombinant immunotoxins of the invention, expression cassettes comprising the nucleic acids, and host cells comprising the expression cassettes. The invention also provides a method for killing a cell comprising an antigen on the surface of the cell, the method comprising contacting the cell with a recombinant immunotoxin of the invention that has an antibody or antigen-binding fragment thereof that binds specifically to the antigen on the surface of the cell, and uses of immunotoxins of the invention for the manufacture of medicaments.

Method for continuously synthesizing precursor of lithium ion battery positive material

The invention provides a method for continuously synthesizing a precursor of a lithium ion battery positive material, relating to an improvement of a synthesis method of a nickle cobalt manganese termary positive material nickle cobalt lithium manganate of the lithium ion battery positive material. The method is characterized in that the synthesis process is as follows: merging a complexing agent ammonia, an aqueous solution of metal nickle cobalt manganese ions and a precipitator sodium hydroxide solution and then continuously adding the substances into a reaction kettle for a synthesis reaction under the strong stirring condition in the presence of protective gas; and aging, filtering and washing the effluent from the reaction kettle, and then drying to obtain the lithium ion battery positive material precursor spherical nickle cobalt manganese termary hydroxide. The method has the advantages that the preparation process is continuous, the particle size of the prepared nickle cobalt manganese compound hydroxide powder is controlled in a range of 5-20 microns, and the prepared nickle cobalt manganese compound hydroxide powder is even in distribution and excellent in electrochemistry property. The method has the advantages of high production efficiency, low production cost and significant economic and social benefits, and the energy is saved.

Inorganic-organic nano composite solid electrolyte membrane and preparation method and application thereof

The present invention discloses an inorganic-organic nano composite solid electrolyte membrane and a preparation method and application thereof. The composite solid electrolyte is a novel inorganic-organic nanocomposite combining the respective advantages of inorganic ceramic solid electrolyte and organic polymer electrolyte and is composed of a negative electrode protective layer, a support layerand a positive electrode interface layer. The support layer plays a supporting role, and the main component of the negative electrode protective layer is the inorganic solid electrolyte with good mechanical properties, which can effectively inhibit the growth of lithium dendrite; and the positive electrode interface layer is mainly composed of organic polymer electrolyte with good flexibility, ensures good contact with active materials and provides a continuous ion transport channel. In the present invention, the composite solid electrolyte with good interface compatibility is prepared by coating on both sides of the support layer, and the process is simple and efficient. The composite solid electrolyte can effectively inhibit dendritic crystal and reduces interface resistance so that a solid lithium metal battery has higher energy density and longer cycle life.

Preparation method of soil conditioner

The invention relates to a preparation method of a soil conditioner, belonging to the technical field of fertilizer preparation. The soil conditioner is mainly prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 50-70 parts of plant straw carbon, 20-35 parts of fowl/livestock dung, 10-15 parts of bone meal, 1-8 parts of potassium sulfate, 2-8 parts of wood vinegar liquid, 3-9 parts of plant growth regulator and 0.5-1 part of active agent. The preparation method comprises the following steps: preparing carbon powder, pretreating the fowl/livestock dung, preparing a mixture, assaying and detecting, granulating and packaging. The soil conditioner is prepared by mixing the crop straw/bamboo/wood/grass carbon, which is used as the main component, with certain amounts of trace elements, plant growth regulator and bamboo/wood/grass vinegar liquid; since the soil conditioner not only is rich in the three main nutrient elements (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) which are essential for crops, but also contains secondary and trace elements, such as calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, boron, molybdenum, copper, cobalt and the like, the nutrient proportion of the soil conditioner is reasonable; and when being used as a conditioner, the soil conditioner can increase the organic content of soil and provide more comprehensive nutrients for crops, so that the crops have the advantages of good growth vigor, plump grains and much higher yield.

Method and system for preparing restaurant-kitchen wastes into livestock and poultry feed

The invention discloses a method and a system for preparing restaurant-kitchen wastes into a livestock and poultry feed, wherein the method comprises the following steps: carrying out sorting preprocessing on restaurant-kitchen wastes so as to obtain biodegradable restaurant-kitchen wastes; carrying out solid-liquid separation on the obtained biodegradable restaurant-kitchen wastes; adding bran, corn flour and coarse meal into the obtained product so as to obtain a mixed material; adding composite fungicides into the mixed material according to the inoculum concentration (8-20 wt%) so as to ferment the mixed material; and finally, drying and cooling the fermented mixture, then packing the obtained object so as to obtain a livestock and poultry feed product. The system comprises a feed device, a wet sorting machine, a pressafiner, an agitated mixer, a fermentation tank, a low-temperature drying machine, a crusher and a finished product material storage tank which are sequentially connected; and the system has the advantages that the growth of putrefying bacterias and the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms in restaurant-kitchen wastes can be inhibited, and the freshness retaining effect and organoleptic quality of the livestock and poultry feed are good; meanwhile, the protein content of the livestock and poultry feed can be improved; in addition, the system is low in used equipment cost, small in energy consumption, high in production efficiency and beneficial to environmental protection.
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