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Dipole antenna of RF chip

The invention discloses a dipole antenna of an RF chip, comprising two metal sheets, a feeder line and an earth wire, wherein two tabulate metal sheets are mutually parallel and are both provided with short circuit points which are respectively used for connecting the feeder line and the earth wire. The dipole antenna of the RF chip of the invention integrates novel artificial electromagnetic materials, thus the dipole antenna has abundant chromatic dispersion characteristics so as to form various radioactive modes, which not only can avoid fussy impedance matching network, but also can tune by adjusting a feeder line feeding and coupling mode, an earth wire accessing mode, the topological structure of metal microstructure, the position of metalizing through holes as well as the short circuit point position among the feeder line, the earth wire, an upper layer of sheet metal and a lower layer of sheet metal, thus providing great convenience for multiple frequency point impedance matching; meanwhile, the dipole antenna of the invention adopts a chip mode to fully utilize radiating area to approach to the Chu Limit antenna dimension limit principle, the construction of double chips also brings technical advantages for limiting electromagnetic wave and reducing effect on antenna operation by the outside.

Surface mounting process for flexible circuit board and used magnetic tool and steel mesh

The invention relates to the manufacturing technology of printed wiring board, in particular to a flexible printed circuit (FPC) surface mount technology (SMT) as well as a magnetic tool and a steel mesh which are used for the FPCSMT. The magnetic tool comprises a buckle cover board and a magnetic carrying tray, wherein the magnetic carrying tray is a magnetic baseplate, the buckle cover board is a metal sheet which can be attracted by the magnetic baseplate, and the buckle cover board is provided with a slotted hole used for the solder paste printing and the surface mounting of a FPC. The invention is characterized in that the buckle cover board is a steel sheet which can be attracted by the magnetic baseplate, the step layer which is the same as the buckle cover board in shape is etched on the magnetic carrying tray, the depth of the step layer is the same as the thickness of the steel sheet; before the circuit board printing, the magnetic carrying tray is fixed on a positioning base, and then the FPC and the buckle cover board are arranged on the magnetic carrying tray; after the accurate positioning, the FPC and the magnetic tool are taken down the positioning base to conduct the solder paste printing process, the surface mounting process and the reflow soldering process.

Marine oil and gas exploration system using telluric currents as a natural electromagnatic energy source

A marine oil and gas exploration system used for measuring telluric currents as a natural electromagnetic energy source flowing beneath an ocean and sea floor. The marine exploration system includes a towed fish adapted for being pulled behind a survey ship. The coordinates of the ship and the towed fish can be controlled by a GPS satellite and time data. The fish includes an aerodynamic waterproof housing, somewhat reminiscent of a shape of a fish. Metal sheet electrodes of electric field sensors are mounted on the surface of a tubular nose extending outwardly from the housing. The electric field sensors are in direct contact with the sea water. Typically, the fish is towed approximately 100 feet above the sea floor. The positioning of the fish is maintained by the use of an acoustic “pinger” on the fish. The pinger transmits signals up a towed cable to the survey ship. The fish can also include a cesium magnetometer connected to the electric field sensors. The magnetometer provides for detecting low frequency magnetic components of the electromagnetic fields generated by the telluric currents flowing under the sea floor. A filtering of the magnetic component signals is used to provide a phase and amplitude references for the electric fields. The amplitudes of the electric field at each frequency are ratioed against the amplitudes of similarly filtered components of the magnetometer.

Vertical geometry light emitting diode package aggregate and production method of light emitting device using the same

There are provided a vertical geometry light emitting diode package aggregate useful for the production of a light emitting device having a vertical geometry light emitting diode as the light source, the light emitting device satisfying requirements in terms of current capacity flowed for light emission, dissipation of heat generated due to flow of a large current, resistance to thermal stress, strength of device and light emission efficiency, and a method for producing a light emitting device having a vertical geometry light emitting diode as the light source by using the package aggregate. The vertical geometry light emitting diode package comprises a metal sheet having formed thereon a number of vertical geometry light emitting diode package units, each package unit comprising two or more substrate portions as a part of the metal sheet, which are separated by a slit, and a reflector having a penetrating opening and being adhered to the two or more substrate portions to cover parts of the slit such that the vertical geometry light emitting diode-mounting position is exposed in the inner side of the opening and at the same time, the end part of the slit is exposed in the outer side of the reflector.
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