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Distributing system

A distributing system 20, comprising: connection lines 3 to two ends of each of which connector plugs 9 with memory function unit 10 capable of untouchably performing, from the outside thereof, writing-in operation and reading-out operation of identification information of the same connector plugs are respectively connected; plug boards 6 mounted on the distributing system; adapters or receptacles 7, mounted separately on the plug boards and connected respectively to communication lines, for coupling to each of the connector plugs; antennas 11 positioned at the neighborhood of each of the adapters or receptacles for untouchably writing-in operation into and reading-out operation of the address information from the memory function unit when each of the connector plugs is coupled to desired one of the adapters or receptacles; and a data processing and display device 17,18, connected to the antennas, comprising memory means for storing a wiring table indicative of desired mutual relationship between said addresses information of said adapters or receptacles and said identification information of the connector plugs, and display means for displaying desired parts of information on the wiring table. The identification information of each of the connector plugs coupled to one of said adapters or receptacles specified from said mutual relationship is displayed on the display means and stored in the memory means.

Method and apparatus for tracking remote ends of networking cables

This specialized networking cable includes a plurality of twisted copper wire pairs encased in a flexible sheath for effectuating transmissive interconnections, electrically activated telltales affixed to both ends of the cable at positions adjacent to and connected to at least one of the copper wire pairs for providing an identification signal when activated; and means for selectively applying a current to the cable that activates the telltales and does not interfere with the flow of data through the cable whereby the telltales may be activated on at least one of the twisted copper pairs. An LED and an electric power connector suitable for plug-in connection of a power pack are affixed to the cable adjacent each end such that both LEDs are lighted whenever power is applied to either of the electrical connectors. The attendant illumination of the LEDs readily indicates where both ends of the networking cable are located. The networking cable also may be used for convenient telephonic communication by service personnel. One embodiment includes the cable as described above except with one end having a connector mateable with a standard Category 5 networking cable thereby providing for a standard networking cable to be converted into a specialized networking cable usable for tracing cable ends.
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