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Method and device for adaptively adjusting frequency of conditioner motor and air conditioner

The invention discloses a method and a device for adaptively adjusting frequency of a conditioner motor and an air conditioner. The method includes: acquiring an acoustic signal of a conditioner indoor unit; acquiring initial operating frequencies of a motor of a conditioner fan and determining each abnormal sound pre-estimated frequency; subjecting the acoustic signal to spectral analysis to determine an amplitude value of the acoustic signal under each abnormal sound pre-estimated frequency; if the amplitude value of the acoustic signal under the i-th abnormal sound pre-estimated frequency is greater than an abnormal sound preset threshold, determining that the motor produces abnormal sound when running under the i-th initial operating frequency; combining the initial operating frequencies where the abnormal sound occurs into a resonant abnormal sound frequency range. The method and the device have the advantages that according to the relevancy between abnormal sound generation frequencies and motor operating frequencies, the acoustic signal is subjected to spectral analysis through the motor operating frequencies, whether or not the abnormal sound occurs is judged, the resonant abnormal sound frequency range is set, and the indoor fan can constantly adaptively avoid the resonant abnormal sound frequencies during operating so that the abnormal sound is effectively avoided.

Winding device for banding pipes

PendingCN105366089AAvoid noiseReduce wearWeb rotation wrappingMechanical engineering
The invention discloses a winding device for banding pipes. The winding device is used for winding banding films on pipes and comprises a banding fixing base; two circular ring-shaped positioning plates are installed on the banding fixing base side by side, a driven rotating gear is arranged in the middle of the two circular ring-shaped positioning plates, and two bevels are formed on the end portions of the two circular ring-shaped positioning plates; a plurality of gears are evenly arranged on the outer circumference of the driven rotating gear and connected with the driven rotating gear in an engaged mode, and bevel portions are arranged on the two sides of each gear, used for making contact with the two bevels on the end portions of the two circular ring-shaped positioning plates in a matched mode, and used for supporting and positioning the driven rotating gear and providing rotary power for the driven rotating gear; a through hole for the pipes to penetrate through is formed in the middle of the driven rotating gear, a rotating head for installing the banding films is fixedly connected to one side surface of the driven rotating gear, and a film drawing device is arranged on one side of the driven rotating gear. According to the winding device for banding the pipes, the multiple pipes can be quickly banded and wound into bundles, moreover, the reserved ends of the banding films are short, and the banding efficiency is high.

Dismantling method for concrete rigid frame arch bridge

The invention discloses a dismantling method for a concrete rigid frame arch bridge. The construction method comprises the following steps that construction preparation is conducted, specifically, a reasonable dismantling sequence is determined, cutting equipment is selected and is in place, buoyancy tank supports are arranged and checked, and lifting tools are checked; block dividing and paying off are conducted, specifically, according to the dismantling sequence, to-be-dismantled structures are subjected to block dividing and arranging; auxiliary arrangement such as handrails and micro-bending plates are dismantled; cutting machines and the buoyancy tank supports are mounted; primary and secondary arch ribs and connecting systems are cut and hoisted; a sunk well foundation dismantling protection structure is constructed; sunk well foundation block diving cutting and hoisting are conducted; and foundation pit backfill, river cross section recovery and protection structure dismantling are conducted. According to the dismantling method, by setting up the scientific dismantling sequence and using reasonable dismantling equipment, the disadvantages that as for a traditional dismantling method, the potential safety hazard is large, dismantling noise and dust are more, secondary cleaning pollution is serious, and the difficulty is large are avoided, and thus dismantling construction can be safely and efficiently carried out in an environmentally friendly mode.

Error compensation algorithm of geomagnetic sensor application system

The invention provides an error compensation algorithm of a geomagnetic sensor application system. After three spatial axial components of a current geomagnetic vector is obtained by a geomagnetic sensor, corresponding compensation of each axial component is carried out through a carrier interference magnetic field removal algorithm and a software filtering mode. The invention provides a method for measuring a course angle. The magnetic compensation value of each spatial axis obtained through the above error compensation algorithm is utilized, through an inclination angle corresponding to a current carrier obtained by an acceleration sensor and combined with the measured magnetic components in the spatial coordinate system and a depression angle and a roll angle measured by the acceleration sensor, components and magnetic course angles in X axis and Y axis in a corresponding horizontal coordinate system are calculated and finally the course angle of the carrier is obtained. Errors of the geomagnetic sensor application system caused by body coordinate distortion of a measuring result or complete annihilation in noise caused by influence of a magnetic interference source are prevented, and effectiveness and accuracy of magnetic signal compensation are raised.

Pipeline connection assembly and air conditioner with same

The invention provides a pipeline connection assembly and an air conditioner with the same. The pipeline connection assembly comprises a connection pipe nut, a first pipe joint and a second pipe joint, wherein the connection pipe nut comprises a first internal thread section located at the first end, a second internal thread section located at the second end, and a cylindrical outer surface, and a first connected pipe fitting is installed on the connection pipe nut; the first pipe joint comprises a force application section and a first external thread section, the first external thread section is matched with the first internal thread section, and a second connected pipe fitting is installed on the first pipe joint; the second pipe joint is arranged on the first connected pipe fitting in a sleeved mode and comprises a pipe joint body and an auxiliary nut, and the first pipe joint is provided with a first axial through hole enabling the first connected pipe fitting to be communicated with the second connected pipe fitting. According to the pipeline connection assembly, demounting prevention of connection pipes can be truly achieved, the problem that refrigerants are leaked due to disassembling of existing pipelines after being connected is solved, and pipeline connection can be more compact; after-scale installation and maintenance cost is reduced, and the use range of flammable refrigerants is enlarged.

Gantry-type X-ray nondestructive detection device

The invention discloses a gantry-type X-ray nondestructive detection device which is composed of a gantry framework, a sliding beam mechanism, a sliding beam transmission mechanism, a C-shaped arm mechanism and a C-shaped arm swinging mechanism. The sliding beam mechanism and the sliding beam transmission mechanism are installed in the gantry framework, and the C-shaped arm mechanism and the C-shaped arm swinging mechanism are installed in the sliding beam mechanism. The detection device composed of all the mechanisms is matched with a workpiece transportation vehicle with a rotary tool to place a detection workpiece on a detection position, and the detection workpiece on the workpiece transportation vehicle can relatively move and rotate front and back relative to detection equipment on the detection device. The detection equipment on the detection device completes the functions of vertically moving, moving left and right and swinging relative to the detection workpiece, and therefore focusing and data collecting can be omni-directionally performed on different detection points of the workpiece, so that imaging is clear and X-ray nondestructive detection on large castings is completed. The gantry-type X-ray nondestructive detection device is simple in structure, reliable in operation, steady in transmission, high in precision and capable of preventing a balancing weight from sliding to generate noise and meeting the customer requirements.


The invention discloses a refrigerator which comprises a box body, a shelf, a fruit and vegetable box assembly and a transmission part, wherein the front side of the box body is provided with an opening, and a refrigerating chamber is limited in the box body; a refrigerating chamber door can be pivotally installed on the box body so as to open and close the refrigerating chamber, and the shelf is arranged in the refrigerating chamber; the fruit and vegetable box assembly comprises a fruit and vegetable box arranged below the shelf and an overturning cover connected with the shelf; the transmission part is connected with the overturning cover so as to drive the overturning cover to overturn between the closing position and the opening position through the transmission part when the fruit and vegetable box is extracted out and inserted in, wherein the overturning cover is placed on the operating position and closed on the front side of the fruit and vegetable box when the fruit and vegetable box is fully inserted, and the overturned cover is placed on the open position and shrunk below the shelf when the fruit and vegetable box is extracted out for the preset distance. The refrigerator provided by the embodiment of the invention has the advantages that the fruit and vegetable box assembly has a simple structure and easy to use; and noises are not generated in use and objects can be obtained conveniently.

Security monitoring system and control method thereof

The invention belongs to the technical field of monitoring equipment, and specifically relates to a security monitoring system and a control method thereof. The security monitoring system comprises abase and a camera body used for monitoring; the security monitoring system further comprises a dustproof and water proof protection device and a controller; the controller is used for controlling thework of equipment; the camera body is installed inside the protection device through the base; the protection device comprises a protective shell, a light-transmitting hole, a sponge brush, high-permeability glass, a No.1 mounting plate, a No.2 mounting plate, a driving gear, a limiting gear, a No.1 rotating shaft, a No.2 rotating shaft, an annular sliding groove, an annular gear, a slider and a micro speed regulating motor; and the protective shell is of a horizontally-arranged cylindrical hollow structure, and one side, far away from the base, of the protective shell is provided with the light-transmitting hole. According to the security monitoring system provided by the invention, the protection device is arranged on the camera body, so that a camera is protected, and dust under a mineis prevented from covering the camera body, thus a monitored picture is ensured not to be shielded.

Stepless speed regulating system for magnetic gear motor rotation

The invention discloses a stepless speed regulating system for magnetic gear motor rotation. The stepless speed regulating system comprises a double-rotor magnetic gear motor, an engine, a wheel main reducer, an inverter, a motor control unit, an engine control unit and a power management unit. Two rotors of the double-rotor magnetic gear motor are connected with a crank of the engine and the wheel main reducer respectively, non-contact coupling of magnetic torque and engine torque is achieved, and therefore frictionless energy transmission of the whole system is achieved. By means of the double-rotor magnetic gear motor, the engine can work at the working point with the highest efficiency to the largest extent, the engine can be assisted and driven by the motor in the startup and speedup process, and therefore instant oil consumption is prevented from increasing. Two sets of windings of the motor can simultaneously run in an electricity generation mode and an electric mode, and power density is high. Meanwhile, speed ratio configuration of a magnetic gear is optimized so that the structure can be most simplified on the premise that the speed ratio is closest to that of a traditional planetary gear set, and the production process of products is simplified.

Implanted in-vivo continuous blood sugar monitor

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The present invention provides an implanted in-vivo continuous blood sugar monitor. A laser generating and control unit is connected with a microcomputer for receiving the control command transmitted from the microcomputer. The output end divides the laser to two beams through a beam splitter. One beam is sampling light and is output to an optical power sampling unit. The other beam is output light and is output to an attenuation absorbing measuring unit. The optical power sampling unit detects and amplifies the sampling light, and then transmits the detected and amplified sampling light into a microcomputer through a data collection module. The attenuation absorbing unit transmits the optical absorbing information of obtained tested medium into the microcomputer for executing data modeling through the data collection module. The invention adopts a CO2 laser as a light source. The measuring mode adopts background removal. The noise caused by environmental factor and influence caused by instrumental shift are prevented. The measuring precision is increased. The accurate single wavelength absorbing amplitude can be obtained and more accurate absorbance value can be obtained. The power of laser is adjustable. The measuring precisions of system under different laser powers can be analyzed. A mode of multi-wavelength measurement can be adopted for increasing the modeling precision thereby increasing the prediction precision.

Air purifier and air feeding assembly thereof

The invention relates to an air purifier and an air feeding assembly thereof. The air feeding assembly comprises a shell, a draught fan assembly and an electric energy input terminal, wherein the draught fan assembly and the electric energy input terminal are arranged inside the shell. An air inlet is formed in the bottom of the shell, and an air outlet is formed in the top of the shell. The draught fan assembly comprises an air flue shell. The air flue shell comprises a cylindrical part and a horn-mouth-shaped part, wherein the cylindrical part is connected with the air outlet, and the horn-mouth-shaped part is connected with the air inlet and becomes larger in the air flow direction. Thus, after air flow enters the air flue shell from the air inlet, the air flow firstly enters the horn-mouth-shaped part with the diameter becoming larger gradually and then enters the cylindrical part, the air flow flows in a diffusion manner, eddies cannot be generated at the part connected with the air inlet, noise generated by the eddies is avoided, and the experience effect of a user is improved. Furthermore, by means of the structure, the air speed can be increased, and the air purifying effect can be improved. The air feeding assembly is provided with the electric energy input terminal so that air feeding assembly and air purifying modules can be designed in a split manner, and thus the user can conveniently replace the air purifying modules according to self demands.

Refrigerating appliance with air conditioner and refrigerator and control method thereof

The invention discloses a refrigerating appliance with an air conditioner and a refrigerator and a control method thereof; the refrigerating appliance comprises: refrigerator compartments including a variable temperature chamber having a cold storage device arranged inside, and a variable temperature chamber door; a conditioner chamber communicated with the outside through an air outlet; an evaporator chamber having an evaporator arranged inside; an air duct system allowing the evaporator chamber to controllably communicate the refrigerator compartments and the conditioner chamber. When the refrigerating appliance is in refrigerator mode, the air duct system communicates the evaporator chamber and the refrigerator compartments so that air circulates between the evaporator chamber and the refrigerator compartments; when the refrigerating appliance is in conditioner mode, the variable temperature chamber door is opened, the air duct system communicates the evaporator chamber and the conditioner chamber so that air circulates among the evaporator chamber, the conditioner chamber, the outside and the variable temperature chamber, and the air is precooled in the variable temperature chamber via the cold storage device before entering the evaporator chamber for secondary cooling.
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