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Current-magnitude-based open-circuit failure online-diagnosis method for power tube of inverter

The invention discloses a current-magnitude-based open-circuit failure online-diagnosis method for a power tube of an inverter, belongs to the field of motor control, and aims to solve the problem of poor robustness of a current-magnitude-based open-circuit failure diagnosis technology for the power tube of the inverter. The method comprises the following steps of establishing a current observer model of a permanent magnet synchronous motor driving system in a failure-free state, comparing an observed current value with detection current to obtain a three-phase current residual, converting the three-phase current residual to a two-phase coordinate system in a coordinate conversion way to obtain a current residual vector, standardizing the current residual vector, and diagnosing and positioning an open-circuit failure of the power tube of the inverter according to the amplitude and the phase of the standardized current residual vector. The current-magnitude-based open-circuit failure online-diagnosis method for the power tube of the inverter is free of influence of a system closed-loop control algorithm and insensitive to loads, and has higher robustness to parameter errors, measurement errors, system disturbance and the like.

Rail transit train automatic monitoring system based on communication

The invention discloses a rail transportation train automatic monitoring system based on communication, which comprises on-board equipment and a ground automatic monitoring system. The on-board equipment arranged on the train is used for collecting train information and sending to the ground automatic monitoring system through a wireless network, and is also used for receiving and executing dispatching commands sent by the ground automatic monitoring system. The ground automatic monitoring system is used for receiving the train information from the on-board equipment, interlocking calculating according to the train information to generate dispatching commands and sending the commands to the on-board equipment through the wireless network. The invention realizes the closed loop control to the train through the train-ground bidirectional information transmission, greatly lowers the effect of human error, and raises the system reliability; ATS system real-timely knows various operation parameters of the train such as the position, the speed, etc. thereby improving the operation efficiency and the automation of the system; moving block is realized through wireless communication, thereby facilitating the improvement of traffic density; and the train can timely respond the dispatching and the adjusting commands of the ATS system.

Vehicle multi-objective coordinated self-adapting cruise control method

InactiveCN101417655ALoop controlDriver/operator
The invention relates to a multi-objective coordination-typed self-adaptive cruise control method for a vehicle, comprising the following steps: 1) according to the detail requirements of the multi-objective coordination-typed self-adaptive cruise control for a vehicle, the performance indicators and I/O restriction of MTC ACC are designed, and multi-objective optimization control problem is established; and 2) MTC ACC control law rolling time domain is used for solving the objective optimal control problem, and the optimal open-loop control quantity is used for carrying out feedback and achieving closed-loop control. Based on the steps, the control method comprises the following four parts of contents: 1. the modeling for the longitudinal dynamics of a traction system; 2. the performance indicators of MTC ACC; 3. the I/O restriction design of MTC ACC; and 4. solution by the MTC ACC control law rolling time domain. By constructing multi-objective optimization problem, the control method not only solves the contradiction among the fuel economy, the track performance and the feeling of the driver, moreover, on the same simulation conditions, compared with the LQ ACC control, the control method simultaneously reduces the fuel consumption and vehicle tracking error of the vehicle, and achieves the multi-objective coordinating control function.

Closed-loop planar linear motor with integral monolithic three-degree-of-freedom AC-magnetic position/orientation sensor

The invention discloses a closed loop planar linear motor which includes a stationary stator (or platen) of arbitrary extent, and a moving forcer which is a single rigid body that can move over the planar stator surface on an air bearing with high speed and high precision in two orthogonal translational directions and a small rotation (or combinations thereof). An important distinguishing feature is a monolithic position and orientation sensor based on alternating current (AC) magnetic techniques which is an integral part of the forcer and occupies otherwise unused space in the forcer body. Also incorporated within the forcer is a special electronic processing element which converts weak AC signals from the sensor into usable high precision position and orientation information relative to the stator surface. A unique controller which is part of the closed-loop linear motor acts to combine information from the AC magnetic sensor with input from a user to provide precise, high-performance closed-loop control of the forcer, thereby enabling the forcer to be positioned with sub-micrometer precision and oriented with sub-millidegree precision on the stator surface. Additionally, owing to its closed-loop nature, the forcer can maintain its position and orientation even in the presence of disturbance forces and torques, and can emulate the operation of a mechanical spring and damper.

Control method and control system of tension in the process of rolling periodic variable-thickness strips

A control method and a control system of tension in the process of rolling periodic variable-thickness strips belong to the technical field of rolling. The method comprises the following steps: dividing segments on the rolled pieces, setting front and back tension values in each zone, realizing tension open-loop control and tension closed-loop control based on maximum torque limit and adding a dynamic torque compensation link and a mechanical friction torque compensation link; controlling torques of an uncoiler and a coiling machine motor and setting speed. The system comprises a rolling mill; coiling machines are arranged at both sides of the rolling mill respectively; length-measuring rollers are arranged between the coiling machines and the rolling mill; thickness gauges are arranged at both sides of the rolling mill respectively; coil diameter gauges are arranged on the coiling machines; a rolling force sensor and a hydraulic cylinder are arranged on the rolling mill; tensiometers are arranged below the length-measuring rollers and pulse coders are arranged on the length-measuring rollers; the thickness gauge, the coil diameter gauge, the rolling force sensor, a displacement sensor of the hydraulic cylinder, the tensiometer and the pulse coder are respectively connected with a computer control system.

Critical illness monitoring, infusion controlling, diagnosis and treatment integrated system and control method thereof

InactiveCN101496923ARealize closed-loop feedback controlCatheterFlow monitorsLoop controlCritical illness
The invention discloses a critical care, transfusion control, and diagnosis and treatment integrated system and a control method thereof. The system comprises a transfusion device, a transfusion care base station, a central monitoring server and a medical PDA, wherein the transfusion care base station forms a transfusion scheme and performs open-loop control on the transfusion device by a wireless or wire mode, or adjusts transfusion parameters according to a corresponding closed-loop algorithm by monitoring and analyzing physiological parameters of patients during the transfusion execution, and performs closed-loop control on the transfusion device by the wireless or wire mode; the central monitoring server is connected with the transfusion care base station by the wireless or wire mode and monitors the operating state of the transfusion care base station; and the medical PDA is connected with the transfusion care base station and/or the central monitoring server by the wireless mode and is used for displaying transfusion condition and managing transfusion process. The system organically combines a treatment means (venous transfusion) and the effect of the treatment means (the monitoring of the physiological parameters) into one system, thereby realizing the closed-loop control of one or more transfusion devices, and improving medical quality and work efficiency of medical personnel.

Three-dimensional coordinated electric network energy managing system and method for controlling and evaluating electric network

The invention relates to a 3D-coordinated power grid energy management system and a power grid evaluation and control method, which belongs to the field of scheduling automation of power system. The system comprises a power grid model reconstruction sub-system, a power grid safety evaluation and alarm sub-system, an active frequency optimization control sub-system and a passive voltage optimization control sub-system, and a background calculation sub-system and a system foreground. The method comprises following steps: tracking isoline of an external power grid and automatically reconstructing a global power grid model; automatically executing online safety analysis integrated with static power grid, dynamic power grid, voltage stabilization, coordination of relay protection setting values, etc., and online recognizing the safety state of the power grid; alarming for normal unsafe condition, and carrying out prevention control; alarming for emergent conditions, and carrying out correction control calculation; and carrying out realtime active scheduling closed-loop control and passive voltage optimized closed-loop control under normal safety condition. The invention can achieve comprehensive and coordinated closed-loop control for the safety of the power grid, the economy and the electric energy quality.

Multiple inspection robot cooperative operation method for substation sequence control system

The invention discloses a multiple inspection robot cooperative operation method for a substation sequence control system. When the closed-loop control and the state visualization of the intelligent substation sequence control system are implemented, the executing and checking time of the sequence control system can be effectively saved by adopting the method. The invention provides the multiple inspection robot cooperative operation method which comprises the following steps: modeling by adopting a topological method on the basis of the substation environment, forming a topological network chart and a communication relation matrix according to walking routes of inspection robots, and carrying out search and traversal of paths to output a discharge matrix and a shortest path matrix; in the single-step sequence control process, determining a shortest communication path sequence of each inspection robot from a current position to a target point according to the distance matrix and the shortest path matrix; carrying out excellence selection of single-step sequence control, i.e. selecting the inspection robot with the optimal performance under the condition of considering comprehensive indexes of journey, time, safety and maneuverability; determining an operation path sequence of each inspection robot and a corresponding activation event; and carrying out on-line monitoring, wherein if the environment is changed, the on-line monitoring takes charge of debugging and recovering operation.
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