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Exercise equipment locator

The present invention is directed to devices, systems, and methods for intelligent or ‘smart’ exercise equipment to indicate the location, the intent to use, and/or the amount and/or type of use of a piece of exercise equipment. More specifically, one embodiment of the invention may be used to locate or indicate the location of a portable piece of exercise equipment. Such an indicator may also indicate to other users, a particular user's intent to use the piece of equipment such that other users will not attempt to use the equipment or the current user may end their use of the equipment and pass it to the intended user. In a further embodiment, the indicator may not be activated if the piece of exercise equipment is already in use by a current user. In another embodiment of the invention, the amount of use of, e.g., repetitions done on, a piece of exercise equipment may be indicated to the user or may be logged for later viewing, downloading, or transmission. Similarly, another embodiment of the invention may determine, indicate, store, display, download, and/or transmit the type of exercise done on a piece of equipment. Any of the above embodiments may include electronic devices or systems mounted in or on the exercise equipment itself. Those systems and/or devices may be rechargeable at a recharging unit within the mounting location for that piece of equipment.
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