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Ultra-short yoke and ultra-low stack height writer and method of fabrication

The present invention provides an improved thin film write head and method of fabrication capable of providing an ultra-short yoke and / or an ultra-low conductor winding stack. The present invention reduces yoke length and stack height by forming the conductor winding in a trench etched from an insulation layer, preferably formed of an inorganic insulation material. A thin resist mask is used to define the width of the trench while the etch process defines the depth. Preferably, the insulation layer is formed on a different inorganic insulation material to control the etch process, thus, the conductor winding may be formed on the underlying layer. The conductor winding preferably is formed by depositing conductor material so that it fills the trench and then planarizing, such as by chemical mechanical polish, to remove conductor material deposited outside the trench. An organic insulation layer, such as cured photoresist, may be deposited on the planarized surface of the conductor winding to insulate it from an overlying yoke. This overlying organic insulation layer may also define the apex angle of the head. The present invention may have multiple layers of conductor winding. The subsequent layers of conductor may be formed similar to the first layer, or may be formed with conventional photoresist processes and structures. The present invention may utilize any known pole structure or material.
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