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Ozone / photocatalysis oxidation-membrane separation integrated method and integrated set for advanced wastewater treatment

The invention relates to an ozone / photocatalysis oxidation-membrane separation integrated method for advanced wastewater treatment. First, an ozone / oxygen gas mixture is dissolved in the wastewater through a gas-liquid mixer to generate high-concentration dissolvable ozone and oxygen; the ozone and oxygen enter into a photocatalytic reactor and produce a large number of strong oxidizing agents such as hydroxyl radicals under the combined action of dual band ultraviolet (185nm + 254nm) radiation and a suspension nano TiO2 catalyst, and the strong oxidizing agents, dissolved oxygen and dissolved ozone cooperatively oxidize and remove removal toxic and harmful substances, odor smell, chroma, virus and bacteria in the water; and a three-phase fluid of wastewater, catalyst and gas passes through a ceramic membrane filter, the wastewater permeating through the ceramic membrane reaches the standard and is discharged, and the concentrated water with suspended catalyst failing to permeating through the ceramic membrane is returned to a backwater bin for further participation in the gas-liquid mixing and ozone / photocatalytic reaction. The process and device involved in the invention have the advantages of high wastewater treatment efficiency, high recovery rate of catalyst, high utilization efficiency of ozone and long service life of membrane.

Method for preparing fermentation carbon source by hydrolysis and acidification of biomass raw materials

The invention belongs to the field of lignocellulose biomass pretreatment and application thereof, and particularly relates to a method for preparing a fermentation carbon source by hydrolysis and acidification of biomass raw materials and application thereof. In the conventional methods for biotransformation by using active sludge, the active sludge is directly adopted for anaerobic digestion, but the organic substance content of the active sludge is low, so the concentration of the acidified organic acid is too low, then the fermentation efficiency is low, and the organic acid is difficultly used as an effective carbon source. The domesticated active sludge is used as seed sludge in the method, and the method comprises the following steps of: mixing proper pretreated lignocellulose raw materials and the active sludge uniformly in a certain mass ratio in a reactor, regulating the solid-liquid ratio and the pH value by adding water, then introducing nitrogen into the reactor, performing anaerobic acidification, and separating the acidified solution to obtain the fermentation carbon source. The method can realize clean and efficient utilization of the lignocellulose raw materials, and has the advantages of high hydrolyzed and acidified organic acid concentration, short domestication time, reduction of production cost of the microbial fermentation carbon source and the like.

Subcritical hydrothermal treatment-based efficient recycling treatment process for sludge

The invention relates to a subcritical hydrothermal treatment-based efficient recycling treatment process for sludge. According to the treatment process, sludge with the solid content of 10 to 25 percent of a sewage treatment plant is placed into a hydrothermal reaction kettle for 5 to 30 minutes at the subcritical high temperature of 200 to 300 DEG C and under the high pressure of 1.6 to 8.6 MPa, so that intracellular substances in sludge are fully dissolved, solid organic matters are fully dissolved and hydrolyzed and are partially decomposed; the release of bound water and surface water in the sludge facilitates improvement on the dehydration performance of the sludge. The sludge which is subjected to hydrothermal modification is dehydrated to enable the solid content of the dehydrated sludge to be not higher than 60 percent, and then aerobic composting stabilizing treatment is performed. The filtrate which is rich in dissolved organic matters and is obtained by dehydrating the sludge enters a high-speed anaerobic digestion system for fully recovering methane. According to the technology, the hygienization, the recycling and the stabilization of the sludge are realized effectively; the subcritical/supercritical reaction speed is high, the subsequent efficient anaerobic digestion hydraulic retention time is short, and the solid residues generated after hydrothermal modification dehydration are few, so that large-scale urban sludge treatment capacity can be realized by adopting small-capacity reactors in a hydrothermal link, an anaerobic link and an aerobic link of the treatment process.

Method for preparing high activity titanium dioxide sol using industrial metatitanic acid as material

The invention discloses a method for preparation of high-activity titanium oxide sol with industrial metatitanic acid as raw material, which is characterized in that it contains sequentially the following steps: (1) adding alkali to wash out sulfate ion, (2) adding acid to peptize, (3) proceeding dispergation with (a), (b) or (c) mode; when preparing transient metal or rare-earth metal loading-type (doping) sol, firstly preparing quantitative transient metal salt or rare-earth salt solution and adding into the metatitanic acid slurry without washing with alkali, then filtering and washing out to no sulfate ion; and when preparing noble metal-doping sol, adding noble-metal salt solution into the prepared pure sol, and placing under the irradiation of ultraviolet light for 0.5-10 hours and mixing at the same time. The merit of the invention is characterized in that: the raw material is cheap, the pollution is little, the dispersion degree and crystallization degree of prepared sol is good, and the visible light activity is highly improved by doping technique; and the sol property is improved by the microwave and supersonic after-treatment technique. The grain diameter of sol is very small, belonging to nanometer material.

High-quality inorganic perovskite film, preparation method thereof and application of high-quality inorganic perovskite film to solar cells

The invention discloses a high-quality inorganic perovskite film, a preparation method thereof and an application of the high-quality inorganic perovskite film as an absorbing layer to solar cells. A good solvent of an inorganic perovskite precursor and a mixed solvent of an organic solvent with volatility slower than that of the good solvent and capacity of increasing solubility of the precursor are introduced in the preparation process of the high-quality inorganic perovskite film; the uniform, dense and continuous inorganic perovskite film can be obtained by adjusting a ratio of the two solvents according to the characteristics that the mixed solvent is slower to volatilize and can increase the solubility of the precursor, the concentration of an inorganic perovskite material precursor solution can be remarkably increased by the mixed solvent, and the short-circuit current density of the inorganic perovskite solar cells prepared from the inorganic perovskite film is increased. The preparation method has the advantages of adopting mild preparation conditions and simple preparation steps, being convenient to operate, low in cost, low in energy consumption and the like, and the preparation method is suitable for industrial production.
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