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Animal feed is food given to domestic animals in the course of animal husbandry. There are two basic types: fodder and forage. Used alone, the word "feed" more often refers to fodder.

High protein corn product production and use

The present invention relates to the production of a highly digestible, high protein product (high protein distillers dried grains or high protein DDG) from corn endosperm, and more particularly to a method for the recovery of high protein DDG by using: (i) dehulling and degermination to isolate a low fat, low fiber corn endosperm fraction, (ii) enzymatic hydrolysis to solubilize and alcoholic fermentation to assimilate the starch and non-starch carbohydrates present in the corn endosperm, and (iii) filtration and/or centrifugation to recover the dealcoholized insoluble solids that remain after fermentation of the corn endosperm. The present invention provides an alternative to the traditional dry mill method of processing corn to produce ethanol, and results in the production and recovery of a distillers' by-product (high protein DDG) with increased value and range of use as an ingredient in feeds for farm-raised ruminants and non-ruminants and pet foods. The product of the present invention contains less than about 2.0 weight percent starch, from about 55.0 to about 65.0 weight percent protein, from about 4.5 to about 7.5 weight percent fat, from about 3.0 to about 5.0 weight percent crude fiber, and from about 78.0 to about 90.0 percent total digestible nutrients, and improves the palatability and digestibility of animal feeds and/or pet foods into which it is incorporated, and aids in the management of the health and weight gain of the animal.

Composite biological feed additive agent for fattening early weaning mutton sheep

The invention relates to an early weaning meat sheep fattening compound biological feed additive, which belongs to the technical field of animals feeding by feed. The feed additive comprises prebiotics consisting of candida utilis, bacillus subtilis and a lactobacillus plantarum microbial agent, non-starch polysaccharide enzyme containing cellulase, xylanase, beta-dextranase, beta-mannase and pectinase and a yeast culture formed by using saccharomyces cerevisiae to completely ferment bean pulp. The additive is specially used for fattening period ration of the early weaning(the weaning lunar age is less than or equal to 2 ages of the moon) meat sheep, and the adding percentage for the full-mixing ration of the fast-fattening meat sheep in 3 to 5 ages of the moon is 1 percent. The additive can provide functional nutrients such as digestive enzyme, B group vitamins and growth promoting factors, and the like which are inadequately produced and insufficient for the early weaning baby sheep and simultaneously contains probiotics for adjusting the micro-ecological environment in intestinal canals, thereby improving the immunity and the healthy level of the baby meat sheep; and after weaning, the daily gaining in weight is more than 10 percent in the prior period and later period of fattening, and the economic benefits are obviously improved.
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