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Enzymatic hydrolysis is a process in which enzymes facilitate the cleavage of bonds in molecules with the addition of the elements of water. It plays an important role in the digestion of food. It may be used to help provide renewable energy, as with cellulosic ethanol.

High protein corn product production and use

The present invention relates to the production of a highly digestible, high protein product (high protein distillers dried grains or high protein DDG) from corn endosperm, and more particularly to a method for the recovery of high protein DDG by using: (i) dehulling and degermination to isolate a low fat, low fiber corn endosperm fraction, (ii) enzymatic hydrolysis to solubilize and alcoholic fermentation to assimilate the starch and non-starch carbohydrates present in the corn endosperm, and (iii) filtration and/or centrifugation to recover the dealcoholized insoluble solids that remain after fermentation of the corn endosperm. The present invention provides an alternative to the traditional dry mill method of processing corn to produce ethanol, and results in the production and recovery of a distillers' by-product (high protein DDG) with increased value and range of use as an ingredient in feeds for farm-raised ruminants and non-ruminants and pet foods. The product of the present invention contains less than about 2.0 weight percent starch, from about 55.0 to about 65.0 weight percent protein, from about 4.5 to about 7.5 weight percent fat, from about 3.0 to about 5.0 weight percent crude fiber, and from about 78.0 to about 90.0 percent total digestible nutrients, and improves the palatability and digestibility of animal feeds and/or pet foods into which it is incorporated, and aids in the management of the health and weight gain of the animal.

Method for preparing natural dried fruit essence by utilizing dried fruit raw materials

ActiveCN102551009AEase and stabilizeEase priceEssential-oils/perfumesFood preparationMaillard reactionDesorption
The invention relates to a method for natural dried fruit essence by utilizing dried fruit raw materials, which comprises the following steps: taking peanut meal, cocoa powder, coffee powder and other dried fruit matters as raw materials; firstly extracting and concentrating flavor substances easier for volatilization in the raw materials by utilizing a natural extraction, resin adsorption and solvent desorption technology to obtain aqueous essence A; then drying and baking the raw materials remaining in the previous step, extracting with an organic solvent after fragrance is newly generated to obtain oily essence B; successively carrying out enzymatic hydrolysis on the remaining raw materials, centrifugally removing and precipitating, mixing with amino acid and reducing sugar for Maillard reaction to obtain pasty essence C; and finally spray-drying a precipitate after being subjected to enzymatic hydrolysis to obtain powdered flavor. Through all the steps, a series of dried fruit essence with different states which can be applied to different products can be obtained. The method has the advantages that the process is simple, the industrial production is convenient, the raw materials are fully utilized, the production cost can be reduced helpfully, and the fragrance is round, full, rich and natural.

Processing method of sea cucumber glycopeptides chelated calcium

The invention relates to a processing method of sea cucumber glycopeptides chelated calcium. The method comprises the following steps: A. material treatment: cleaning sea cucumber mouthparts, cooking, soaking, beating, and homogenizing; B. biological enzymatic hydrolysis: choosing a variety of protease for composite segmented enzymatic hydrolysis; C. centrifugal separation: conducting continuous centrifugal separation on an enzymolysis liquid to obtain the sea cucumber glycopeptides solution and sea cucumber calcium precipitate; D. filtration, concentration and grading: subjecting the enzyme liquid to ultrafiltration fractionation concentration, and desalinating small peptide filtered solution by nanofiltration; E. preparation of sea cucumber calcium by organic acidolysis; G. chelating reaction: promoting the chelating of sea cucumber calcium and glycopeptides of sea cucumber by microwave assistance; and H. after the reaction, carrying out centrifuging separation, and drying the precipitate and supernatant respectively. The present invention comprehensively utilizes the sea cucumber processing waste to prepare sea cucumber autologous calcium and autologous glycopeptides for chelation. The method on the one hand is beneficial to playing their biological effects, and on the other hand can also obtain five products with different specific biological functions.

A method for preparing wheat bran food fibre using ultrasound wave assistance enzymolysis

The invention relates to a method for preparing wheat bran dietary fiber by utilizing ultrasound-assisted enzymatic hydrolysis, and in particularly belongs to the technical field of the agricultural and sideline product development, the functional food additive and the nutritional heath caring. The invention is characterized in that the invention adopts wheat bran as the raw material, and the wheat bran dietary fiber preparation is realized through utilizing the ultrasound treatment, and removing starch and protein by enzymatic method, and then the preparation of fine dietary fiber with different grain size is realized by crumbling with a grinder. The invention realizes the effective value increment and the utilization of the wheat bran, the prepared functional dietary fiber has important physiological function, and thereby can realize the functions of preventing constipation, colon cancer, intestina diverticulum, hemorrhoid and varicose veins of the lower extremities; the serum cholesterol is lowered, and the heart disease caused by coronary sclerosis can be prevented; the sensitivity of the peripheral nerve tissue to the insulin is improved, and the blood sugar level of the diabetes patient can be regulated, the invention is very useful for human health, and the economic benefit as well as the social benefit are greatly increased.

Technique for extracting grease from oil-tea camellia seed by enzyme method

InactiveCN101235399AReduce emulsificationReduce foaming and other problemsFermentationCamellia oleiferaDry weight
The invention relates to an enzymatical extraction process of oil in tea seed oil kernel, which comprises the following steps: firstly, utilizing dried tea seed oil kernel to be raw material, immersing in water in high temperature after disintegrating, stirring in uniform speed under 70-100 DEG C, secondly, enzyme hydrolyzing, adding acid protease which is 0.02-1% dry weight of disintegration samples or mixed enzyme of acid protease/cellulose in 45-55 DEG C to stir in uniform speed, and enzymatic hydrolysis for 2-4 hours, thirdly, separation emulsion breaking processing, directly separating out primary free boiled oil after enzymolysis liquid is centrifuged, getting secondary free boiled oil through centrifuging after missible oil demulsifies, combining the primary free boiled oil and the secondary free boiled oil, and getting the total boiled oil. The invention has the advantages that first, the invention reduces the problem of emulsification, foaming and the like which are faced when a grinding method is utilized to destroy cell structures, second, the invention prevents various enzymes in cells from degrading oil, which has high oil extraction rate to a further disintegrated function to tea seed oil kernel cell, third, the invention increases the treatment to missible oil, which increases free boiled oil yield through demulsifying, centrifuging, stewing to layer and the other modes.

Preparation method of instant oat flour

InactiveCN104642910AModerate tastePreserve soluble nutrientsFood preparationCelluloseAdditive ingredient
The invention discloses a preparation method of instant oat flour and relates to a preparation method of oat flour. The preparation method comprises the following steps: baking, cleaning, soaking, steaming and cooling oats, serving as raw materials, sequentially; glue milling the oats after pretreatment to prepare oat pulp, carrying out enzymatic hydrolysis, heating, boiling, and killing enzyme; and cooling an enzymolysis liquid, glue milling, homogenizing, drying, sterilizing and packaging a finished product. According to the preparation method disclosed by the invention, with the oats as the raw materials, by virtue of pretreatment, enzymatic hydrolysis technological treatment and spray drying, the instant oat flour which can keep multiple nutritional components and fragrance of oat is prepared; the prepared instant oat flour is moderate in taste, has self flavor of oat, keeps the soluble nutritional components in the oats, is also capable of providing extra plant proteins, fats and soluble dietary fibers and can be directly used for preparing an oat beverage; as macromolecular substances including starch, cellulose and proteins in the oats are hydrolyzed by virtue of an enzyme method, the viscosity of the starch of the oats is lowered, and the problems of water separating, gelation, precipitation and the like caused when the oats are applied to beverages are solved.
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