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Composite biological soil conditioner and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a composite biological soil conditioner and a preparation method of the composite biological soil conditioner. The composite biological soil conditioner comprises the following steps: 1) preparing charcoal; 2) modifying the charcoal; 3) fermenting livestock excrement; 4) preparing an ecological organic fertilizer; 5) compounding, wherein the soil conditioner comprises the following materials in parts by weight: 130-150 parts of modified charcoal, 250-280 parts of the ecological organic fertilizer, 30-35 parts of humic acid, 5-8 parts of probiotics, 3-5 parts of active peptide, 32-38 parts of a water retaining agent, and 190-220 parts of an auxiliary. The composite biological soil conditioner has the beneficial effects that the soil conditioner not only strengthens the water holding capacity of soil, but also improves the soil structure, reduces the bulk density of the soil, increases the porosity and the content of organic matters in the soil, regulates the pH value of the soil, improves the microbial flora of the soil, inhibits the growth and propagation of pathogenic bacteria of a root system, and complexes and adsorbs the heavy metal ions in the soil, and therefore, the composite biological soil conditioner is a safe and efficient composite biological soil conditioner.

Soil remediation agent for treating heavy metal pollution and production method of soil remediation agent

The invention belongs to the technical field of soil remediation, and in particular relates to a soil remediation agent for treating heavy metal pollution and a production method of the soil remediation agent. The soil remediation agent consists of the following raw materials in percentage by weight: 35 to 65 percent of active molasses yeast waste water chelate powder, 5 to 20 percent of silicon dioxide, 5 to 15 percent of calcium oxide, 1 to 10 percent of magnesium oxide, 0.3 to 10 percent of ammonium persulfate, 5 to 28 percent of humic acid and derivatives thereof, 0.1 to 15 percent of microcapsule inoculants, 0.1 to 5 percent of a macromolecular water-retaining agent, 0.1 to 5 percent of a heavy metal passivant, 1 to 5 percent of auxiliary agents and 1 to 45 percent of inorganic mixed fertilizer. Compared with the prior art, the soil remediation agent provided by the invention has the advantages that the organic waste liquid of yeast industry serves as one of the main raw material, so the environmental pollution caused by the organic waste liquid is reduced and the cost of the soil remediation agent is reduced; precipitation and biological action are combined, so a good effect of treating the heavy metal pollution is achieved; the main components also comprise organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer, so the heavy metal pollution can be effectively treated, production and income of crops are increased, continuous cropping resistance of the crops is achieved, and potential application and popularization values are achieved.

Amaranth special soilless culture nutrient solution and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses an amaranth special soilless culture nutrient solution and a preparation method thereof. The amaranth special soilless culture nutrient solution is prepared by major elements, trace elements and water. The major elements are composed of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulfur. The trace elements are composed of iron, manganese, copper, zinc, boron and molybdenum. The amaranth special soilless culture nutrient solution is reasonable in component, rich in nutrition and low in cost, wherein raw materials are wide in source and readily available. The amaranth special soilless culture nutrient solution provides various nutrient elements and trace elements required for the growth and the development of amaranth, so that the robust growth of amaranth is realized. The transplanting stock survival rate of amaranth and the fruit and vegetable quality are improved, so that the yield and the quality are increased. The preparation method is reasonable, simple and easy in process, high in efficiency, low in application cost, simple in operation, easy to implement and extremely high in application prospect. The amaranth special soilless culture nutrient solution and the preparation method thereof are convenient to use and apply.

Passivator for remediation of farmland soil subjected to combined pollution of heavy metals, and preparation method and use method of passivator

The invention relates to a passivator for remediation of farmland soil subjected to combined pollution of heavy metals such as cadmium, chromium, copper and nickel, and a preparation method and a use method of the passivator. The passivator is prepared from a passivator A and a passivator B, wherein the passivator A is prepared from montmorillonite, kieselguhr, sepiolite, illite and ferrous sulfate; the passivator B is prepared from periclase, calcite, calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer, plant ash and calcium hydroxide; the passivator is suitable for the farmland soil subjected to the combined pollution of the cadmium, the chromium, the copper and the nickel, and is prepared from the multiple different porous absorption materials with specific contents and a passivation material; the components of the passivator have complementary advantages, and the principles such as absorption and stabilization are combined; the combination forms of the heavy metals are effectively enhanced by ion exchange, complexing, chelating and adsorption methods, and the combination forms are converted into more stable strong organic binding states and residue states, so that the effective state contents of the heavy metals in the farmland soil are effectively reduced, and the passivation effect is long-acting and stable; therefore, the passivator has a great repair effect for the farmland soil subjected to combined pollution of the cadmium, the chromium, the copper and the nickel.

Saline-alkali soil conditioner

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The invention relates to a composition for improving soil, in particular relates to a saline-alkali soil conditioner. The saline-alkali soil conditioner is prepared by mixing the following components by weight percent: 20%-35% of sulfur powder, 20%-30% of humic acid, 5%-10% of bentonite, 20%-25% of magnesium sulfate heptahydrate, 8%-12% of calcium superphosphate, 1%-2% of zinc sulfate heptahydrate and 2%-3% of boric acid. The saline-alkali soil conditioner can be used for regulating acid-base level of the soil, and effectively supplementing microelements in the soil, improving the nutritional deficiency symptom of crops, chelating harmful heavy metal elements in the soil, reducing saline and alkali degree, promoting the soil to form a granular structure, improving root growth environment of crops, enhancing saline and alkali resistance of crops, disease resistance and cultivation of resilience, reducing the harm of saline and alkali to plant roots, and releasing the effective phosphorous solidified by the soil, increasing soil fertility, holding water and saving fertilizer so as to finally and completely improve the soil, recover the soil fertility, increase both production and income and improve crop quality and utilization rate of the fertilizer.

Multifunctional fertilizer and method for making same

The invention provides a multifunctional fertilizer and the manufacturing method thereof, and is characterized in that the fertilizer is composed of particle material cores and coated powder, and is formed by the following three steps: firstly, the particle material cores are prepared; secondly, the coated powder is prepared; thirdly, the multifunctional fertilizer is compounded. The multifunctional fertilizer contains all balancing plant nutrient elements, and 6 functional bio-fungus agents which are inoculated with the HA-organic fertilizer are coated on the particle material cores containing the 16 nutrient elements which are required to be absorbed by the plants in a balanced manner, thereby improving soil, activating fixed and settled nutrient elements in the soil, preventing losses caused by instant fertilizer application, nitration, fixation, eluviation and volatilization, improving the effective utilization rate of the fertilizer to the greatest extent, changing poor farmland into rich soil, and leading to benign circulation. The multifunctional fertilizer integrates the advantages of physical fertility, chemical fertility and biological fertility into a whole, thereby representing a high-quality and high-efficient multifunctional fertilizer used for producing green agricultural products, saving energy in all aspects, reducing consumption, and facilitating environmental protection.
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