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Organic material based uniprill fertilizer

An organic-based uniprill fertilizer is provided. To produce the fertilizer, organic matter is sequentially pre-treated by first mixing it in a first grinder with a lime admixture, then adding a slurry of reagents and binders, followed by a mixture of acids. The acids can include sulfuric and phosphoric acids, in addition to nitric acid and various organic acids such as citric and fulvic acid, depending on the end requirements of the fertilizer product. Following the mixing of the pre-product with the mixture of acids and reagents, the resultant raw product is preferably processed through a second grinder. This grinding further dries, mixes and granulates the raw product. The particle size of the completed fertilizer is reduced into a flowable, user safe uniprill product that can be further ground to reduce its moisture. Further drying may be necessary for bag or bulk product, or it can be liquified by high speed blending or micro-fluidized for sprinkler or drip applications. The uniprill fertilizer comprises small, preferably microscopic particles that are homogenous in nature, in that any single particle is substantially identical in composition to all other particles of the fertilizer. Additionally, each uniprill particle contains substantially all sixteen nutriments and minerals required for the growth of healthy plants.

Organic recycling with metal addition

The invention is directed to methods for producing a granular nitrogen fertilizer from an organic material comprising adding a metallic salt to said organic material to form a slurry. Preferably the organic material comprises dewatered biosolids and contains water from a scrubber. Metallic salts that can be used comprise a salt of iron, zinc, or a mixture thereof. Preferred iron salts comprises ferric sulfate or ferric oxide, and preferred zinc salts comprises zinc sulfate or zinc oxide. Preferably, the metallic salt is mixed with an acid such as sulfuric acid to form an acidified metal salt. Slurry pH ranges from approximately 2-2.5. The acidified metal salt is added to the organic material in sufficient quantity to lower viscosity of the slurry such that the resulting fluid does not hinder fluid flow during operation. When the metallic salt comprises acidified ferric sulfate or ferrous sulfate, sufficient iron can be present to produce a fertilizer product with 0.1 weight percent to 10 weight percent iron sulfate calculated on a dry weight basis. The invention is also directed to fertilizer products made by the methods of the invention. Preferred products are granules and the metallic salt increases product hardness. Fertilizer granules preferably contain metal that is bioavailable to a plant when used as a fertilizer. Solubility of the metal of the product in water is enhanced, and the product is low staining.

Composite biological soil conditioner and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a composite biological soil conditioner and a preparation method of the composite biological soil conditioner. The composite biological soil conditioner comprises the following steps: 1) preparing charcoal; 2) modifying the charcoal; 3) fermenting livestock excrement; 4) preparing an ecological organic fertilizer; 5) compounding, wherein the soil conditioner comprises the following materials in parts by weight: 130-150 parts of modified charcoal, 250-280 parts of the ecological organic fertilizer, 30-35 parts of humic acid, 5-8 parts of probiotics, 3-5 parts of active peptide, 32-38 parts of a water retaining agent, and 190-220 parts of an auxiliary. The composite biological soil conditioner has the beneficial effects that the soil conditioner not only strengthens the water holding capacity of soil, but also improves the soil structure, reduces the bulk density of the soil, increases the porosity and the content of organic matters in the soil, regulates the pH value of the soil, improves the microbial flora of the soil, inhibits the growth and propagation of pathogenic bacteria of a root system, and complexes and adsorbs the heavy metal ions in the soil, and therefore, the composite biological soil conditioner is a safe and efficient composite biological soil conditioner.

Water-soluble high-concentration organic-inorganic compound fertilizer for trickle and sprinkling irrigation and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a water-soluble high-concentration organic-inorganic compound fertilizer for trickle and sprinkling irrigation and a preparation method thereof, belongs to the technical field of integration of water and fertilizer and high concentration organic-inorganic compound fertilizers. The fertilizer comprises the following components in percentage by weight: 35-70% of urea or 40-70% of modified nitramine, 5-40% of water-soluble phosphatic fertilizer, 0-35% of water-soluble potassic fertilizer, 20-40% of water-soluble organic matters, 0.05-0.1% of a water-soluble fertilizer synergist, 0.1-10% of water-soluble chelating medium trace elements and 0.1-10% of a plant growth adjustor. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium account for 30-50% of the prepared water-soluble high-concentration organic-inorganic compound fertilizer for trickle and sprinkling irrigation and the organic matters account for 15-25% of the prepared water-soluble high-concentration organic-inorganic compound fertilizer for trickle and sprinkling irrigation. The water-soluble high-concentration organic-inorganic compound fertilizer is good in solubility, can be matched with trickle and sprinkling irrigation equipment and achieves integration of water and fertilizer; the utilization ratios of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and trace elements are high, and the fertilizer has the advantages of improving the soil environment, adjusting crop growth, enhancing stress resistance of the crop, and improving the quality of crops.

High-concentration full-nutrition functional suspension liquid fertilizer and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses high-concentration full-nutrition functional suspension liquid fertilizer and a preparation method thereof. 1-5 parts of functional additive, 40-60 parts of major element fertilizer, 1-5 of medium element fertilizer, 0.5-2.5 parts of trace element fertilizer, 0.5-2.5 parts of suspension agent and 20-40 parts of water are homogeneously emulsified and evenly mixed in a specific order to prepare the product. The obtained suspension liquid fertilizer is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and medium and trace elements and has comprehensive nutrients and a reasonable ratio, and sufficient nutrients can be provided for different stages of plant growth. The functional additive contained in the product has the functions of positively promoting the plant growth and conditioning the soil, the physiological metabolism of plants can be stimulated, the stress resistance can be enhanced, the body immunity can be improved, the soil structure can be improved, the utilization rate of various nutrients by the plants can be increased, the yield of crop products is increased, and the quality of the crop products is improved. The fertilizer is fully water-soluble, good in fluidity and suitable for an integrated irrigation system of water-soluble fertilizer; the fertilizer is produced under normal temperature and normal pressure, the equipment is simple, large-scale production is easily achieved, and the labor degree is reduced.
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