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Process for treating sludge and manufacturing bioorganically-augmented high nitrogen-containing inorganic fertilizer

ActiveUS20080230484A1Reduce logisticsReduces liabilityByproduct vaporizationExcrement fertilisersPhosphateRetention time
The invention describes a new method for treating sludge, which can result in the production of high nitrogen organically-augmented inorganic fertilizer that incorporates municipal sludges or biosolids or organic sludges that can compete with traditional fertilizers such as ammonium phosphate, ammonium sulfate and urea on the commodity fertilizer marketplace. The method takes advantage of the thixotropic property of dewatered biosolids or organic sludge to create a pumpable paste-like material from the biosolids or organic sludge that is then treated with an oxidizer to reduce odorant effects and an acid. This mix is then interacted with concentrated sulfuric and or phosphoric acids and an ammonia source or alternatively a hot or molten melt or salt of ammonium sulfate/phosphate to form a fertilizer mix. The present invention controls the heat, atmospheric pressure and retention time of the fertilizer mix in the reaction vessel. When a fertilizer melt is formed ammoniation is subsequently completed by the specific use of vaporized ammonia. The invention can also be an add-on to commercial production of ammonium salts. The fertilizer produced by the present invention contains more than 8 wt. % nitrogen and preferably 15 wt. % nitrogen. The invention is oriented to be tailored to the biosolids production for individual municipal waste treatment plants in order to keep the fertilizer manufacturing plants of the present invention small with a minimization of logistics and liability.

Multifunctional biological compound fertilizer as well as preparation method and application thereof

The invention discloses a multifunctional biological compound fertilizer as well as a preparation method and an application thereof. The multifunctional biological compound fertilizer contains 18-20g*kg<-1> of organic matters, 0.2-0.5 hundred million CFU*g<-1> of total functional bacillus, 40 to 50g*kg<-1> of total N(N), 20-30g*kg<-1> of total P(P2O5) and 50-60g*kg<-1> of total K(K2O). The biological compound fertilizer is prepared by adopting rotten and dried organic fertilizer as an absorbing carrier, providing a good environment for storing and playing effect of the bacillus with specific functions and adding a small amount of fertilizer on the basis of the good environment. The multifunctional biological compound fertilizer integrates the advantages of organic fertilizer, microbial inoculum and fertilizer, and remains a large amount of beneficial microorganism. The multifunctional biological compound fertilizer has obvious effects of increasing production and yield when being applied in vegetables and grain crops, has effects to the crops of the season, has obvious promoting effects to the crop of the second season, has the effects of optimizing the microbial structures in soil and improving the ecological quality, can solve continuous cropping and soil with problems and belongs to an environment-friendly fertilizer.

Chicken manure fermentation organic fertilizer

The invention discloses a chicken manure fermentation organic fertilizer, which is prepared from the following raw materials: chicken manure, straw powders, konjak flour, corn flour, cellulose, zeolite, humic acid, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, urea, peat soil, a leavening agent, a soil improvement agent, a film coating agent, potassium sulfate, borax and calcium superphosphate. The above raw materials are subjected to the integrated treatment of anaerobic fermentation and aerobic fermentation, so that the organic fertilizer is prepared through the fermentation of the chicken manure. The chicken manure fermentation organic fertilizer is complete in fermentation effect, and is capable of killing plant pathogenic bacteria, eggs, weed seeds and other harmful microorganisms in the chicken manure, and generating a large amount of nutrients beneficial to the plant growth and the plant absorption. The process is simple and easy to implement. The raw materials of the prepared organic fertilizer are rich in nutrition. Meanwhile, the prepared organic fertilizer is high in fertilizer efficiency and rich in nutrition, and can coordinate the soil nutrient balance, improve the soil nutrient, promote the plant growth, increase the plant yield and improve the plant quality.

Saline-alkali soil conditioner

InactiveCN104591926AImprove deficiency symptomsEnhance salt-alkali resistanceSuperphosphatesMagnesium fertilisersPlant rootsSodium Bentonite
The invention relates to a composition for improving soil, in particular relates to a saline-alkali soil conditioner. The saline-alkali soil conditioner is prepared by mixing the following components by weight percent: 20%-35% of sulfur powder, 20%-30% of humic acid, 5%-10% of bentonite, 20%-25% of magnesium sulfate heptahydrate, 8%-12% of calcium superphosphate, 1%-2% of zinc sulfate heptahydrate and 2%-3% of boric acid. The saline-alkali soil conditioner can be used for regulating acid-base level of the soil, and effectively supplementing microelements in the soil, improving the nutritional deficiency symptom of crops, chelating harmful heavy metal elements in the soil, reducing saline and alkali degree, promoting the soil to form a granular structure, improving root growth environment of crops, enhancing saline and alkali resistance of crops, disease resistance and cultivation of resilience, reducing the harm of saline and alkali to plant roots, and releasing the effective phosphorous solidified by the soil, increasing soil fertility, holding water and saving fertilizer so as to finally and completely improve the soil, recover the soil fertility, increase both production and income and improve crop quality and utilization rate of the fertilizer.

Improvement method for soil of saline and alkaline land

The invention relates to an improvement method for soil of a saline and alkaline land. The improvement method mainly comprises the following treatment steps of: carrying out on-site investigation on a plot to be improved; taking a water sample; carrying out soil sample analysis; carrying out water sample analysis; designing an improving scheme; carrying out an indoor leaching test: fully mixing and stirring a soil bulking agent, a chemical amendment and raw soil, filling a soil column with the mixture and watering the soil column to conduct a leaching experiment, wherein the soil bulking agent is added in an amount of 5-20% by volume of the saline-alkaline soil; the chemical amendment is added in an amount of 0.5kg/m2 to 5kg/m2 based on the volume fo the saline-alkaline soil; uniformly stirring the soil bulking agent, the chemical amendment and the saline and alkaline soil according to the ratio; setting a salt eliminating trench; burying a salt eliminating device; carrying out water irrigation and salt elimination; and testing the physical and chemical indexes of leaching water and soil. The invention provides the improvement method for soil of the saline and alkaline land. On the premise of not replacing soil, by virtue of adding the saline and alkaline soil amendment and after operations of engineering stirring and water irrigation and salt elimination, the saline and alkaline land is thoroughly improved, so that the saline and alkaline land can be used for agricultural production or afforestation of city.

Coated fertilizer for fruit trees and mfg. method

This invention relates to a kind of coated fertilizer specially for fruit trees, which comprises 25~35 shares of urea, 20~30 shares of calcium superphosphate, 23~33 shares of fertilizer of calcium and magnesium phosphate, 6~9 shares of potassium sulphate, 0.7~1.8 shares of ferrite sulphate, 0.7~1.8 shares of borax, 0.7~1.8 shares of manganese sulphate, 0.7~1.8 shares of copper sulphate, 0.2~3 shares of zincum sulphate, 0.7~1.8 shares of ammonium molybdate and paraffin coating materials weighing 4~10% of the total mass of the raw materials above mentioned. For preparation, copper sulphate, ferrite sulphate, zincum sulphate and manganese sulphate are pulverized. Half of the fertilizer of calcium and magnesium phosphate is mixed copper sulphate, ferrite sulphate, borax and manganese and stirred, and the rest raw materials are then mixed and stirred. The homogeneously stirred materials are spindly particles due to a ball-like mechanism and paraffin weighing 4~10% of the fertilizer is melted and used for coating with a coating machine. This invention has the advantages of low fertilizer cost, long fertility persistence, simple production and small investment. The fertility can be effective for as long as one year and by continuous fertilization for two to three years, no fertility shortage will be observed even if stopping fertilization in the following year.

Traditional Chinese medicine compound leaf fertilizer for winter wheat and preparation method thereof

The invention provides a traditional Chinese medicine compound leaf fertilizer for winter wheat and a preparation method thereof. The traditional Chinese medicine compound leaf fertilizer for winter wheat is prepared from seaweed, pyrethrum, radix aconiti kusnezoffii, pepper leaves, mint leaves, phytosterol, fulvic acid, ascorbic acid, chitooligosaccharide, abamectin, monopotassium phosphate, urea, boric acid, calcium superphosphate, microelements, a chelating agent, a bonding agent, an emulsifying agent, a dispersing agent, a stabilizing agent and a penetrating agent. The traditional Chinese medicine compound leaf fertilizer for winter wheat contains a seaweed extracting solution, multiple microelements, traditional Chinese medicines, phytosterol and the like, is reasonable in nutrient formula and has sterilization and deinsectization functions, physiological diseases that easily occur to winter wheat can be prevented, and the resistance of crops is enhanced; the preparation method is simple; nutrients are released in a balanced manner; the traditional Chinese medicine compound leaf fertilizer for winter wheat has the functions of fertilizer efficiency, sterilization and deinsectization and is sufficient in fertilizer efficiency and high in utilization rate of fertilizer, and the yield increasing effect is obvious.

Biological type organic-inorganic compound fertilizer for improvement in saline land and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a biological type organic-inorganic compound fertilizer for improvement in saline land and a preparation method thereof. The preparation method includes the steps that attapulgite, potassium humate and zeolite are ground into mixture powder, the mixture powder is mixed with polyglutamic acid and wood vinegar, water is added for constant-temperature stirring, dissolving liquor is obtained and then evenly mixed with a mixture of urea, monoammonium phosphate, potassium sulfate, ammonium sulfate and trace element fertilizer which are mixed evenly and heated to be molten, the mixture is subjected to granulating, drying and cooling, a microbial agent is sprayed on the surface of the cooled granulated mixture, then the mixture is evenly mixed with citric acid, calcium superphosphate, polyacrylamide and livestock and poultry fermented organic fertilizer, and the biological type organic-inorganic compound fertilizer is obtained. The prepared biological type organic-inorganic compound fertilizer can effectively reduce salt and alkaline in saline alkali soil and integrates the advantages of organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer and slow release fertilizer, the utilization rate of the fertilizer can be increased, and the improvement effect on soil of microbial floras is effectively utilized; the fertilizer has the advantages of being long in duration of fertilizer efficiency, good in fertilizer efficiency, environmentally friendly and free of pollution.
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