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Oyster is the common name for a number of different families of salt-water bivalve molluscs that live in marine or brackish habitats. In some species the valves are highly calcified, and many are somewhat irregular in shape. Many, but not all, oysters are in the superfamily Ostreoidea.

Chinese medicinal herb culture medium, preparation method thereof and cultivation method of edible fungus

The invention relates to the technical field of edible fungus cultivation, in particular to a Chinese medicinal herb culture medium, a preparation method thereof and a cultivation method of edible fungi. The culture medium is made by a mixture and water, wherein the mixture is manufactured by the following components by weight percent: 65 percent to 70 percent of Chinese medicinal herbs, 30 percent to 35 percent of cottonseed hulls and 2 percent to 3 percent of calcium superphosphate; and the total weight ratio of the water and the mixture is 1 : 1. In the preparation method, the Chinese medicinal herbs are used as main culture medium to cultivate the edible fungi with the efficacies of invigorating kidney and qi, nourishing a liver, reinforcing yin and tranquilization, and the like, thereby the health-care function of the edible fungi to a human body is enhanced, and the method can be used for cultivating golden mushrooms, pleurotus eryngii, bailing mushrooms, tea mushrooms, pocket-sized mushrooms, coprinus comatus, oyster mushrooms, phoenix mushrooms, ganoderma lucidum, auricularia polytricha, auricularia auricula, dictyophora indusiata, hypsizigus marmoreus, stropharia rugoso-annulata, nameko, pleurotus abalonus, fistulina hepatica, brazilian mushrooms, mushrooms, straw mushrooms and tremella. The invention also provides the preparation method of the Chinese medicinal herb culture medium and the method for cultivating the edible fungi by using the Chinese herb culture medium.

A kind of lady's health wine and preparation method thereof

The invention provides a lady health-care wine and a preparation method thereof. The health-care wine is prepared from angelica, hemlock parsley, radix paeoniae alba, prepared radix rehmanniae, raw radix rehmanniae, radix ophiopogonis, prepared fleece-flower root, lucid ganoderma, radix astragali, ginseng, rhizoma polygonati, poria with hostwood, polygala root, stir-fried spine date seed, deer fetus paste, antler, donkey-hide gelatin, glue of tortoise plastron, stir-fried eucommia, mistletoe, pawpaw, radix achyranthis bidentatae, broomrape, rhizoma drynariae, spatholobus stem, cassia bark, cornus officinalis, epimedium, Curculigo orchioides, saffron, Cordyceps, rhizoma cyperi, agilawood, Flos Caryophyllata, dalbergia wood, Turmeric Root-tuber, Rhizoma Zedoariae, cowherb seed, pseudo-ginseng, raw pollen typhae, pummelo pee, fingered citron, citron, raw rhubarb, fructus cannabis, bush-cherry seed, peach kernel, Chinese radish seed, semolina seed, cassia seed, Plantain seed, dodder, wolfberry fruit, raspberry, schisandra fruit, cherokee rose, Semen Euryales, gynostemma pentaphyllum, raw hawthorn, red rice, gastrodia tuber, kudzu root, chrysanthemum flower, calcined oyster and dragon bone, white spirit and yellow wine. The preparation method comprises the following steps: soaking the Chinese medicinal herbs in 50 vol% top-grade white spirit for 36 days (stirring every three days),and discarding the Chinese medicinal herbs after 36 days; and adding top-grade yellow wine (twice of white spirit), adding a right amount of honey (according to mouthfeel), sealing, and soaking for 36 days (stirring every three days) to obtain the lady health-care wine. When people drink 50ml of the health-care wine a day, the health-care wine can tonify the liver and kidney, recuperate yin and yang, invigorate qi, strengthen the bone, nourish the blood and refresh the brain.

Disease and insect resistant fertilizer produced by traditional Chinese medicines and preparation technology thereof

ActiveCN103319282AAntibacterial and anti-pest functionsRich in nutrientsFertilizer mixturesOysterRhizome
The invention relates to a?fertilizer,?in particular to a?fertilizer produced by the adoption of traditional Chinese medicines and a production method?thereof. The fertilizer comprises the following raw materials: artemisia capillaris, Tripterygium wilfordii,?radix stemonae,?Scutellaria,?coptis,?Phellodendron amurense,?Chinese rhubarb 1, honeysuckle,?Salvia miltiorrhiza,?safflower,?astragalus membranaceus,?bighead atractylodes rhizome, Paris polyphylla,?Poria cocos, Polygonum bistorta L.,?kelp, Chinese angelica, Polygonum multiflorum, root of chinese barberry, radix polygonati officinalis, Manis pentadactyla, gypsum, keel, oysters, limonite, cuttlebone and silkworm excrement. The fertilizer is extracted from pure organic raw materials, causes no pollution to the environment, has no residue, and is safe and environmentally friendly. Nutritive elements such as amino acid, synthetase, polysaccharide and the like contained in the fertilizer can be rapidly absorbed and utilized by plants, not stimulating or damaging plants. Due to diversity of the raw materials, nutrient composition of the fertilizer is more comprehensive, thus meeting the nutritive element diversity requirement of crops. Alkaline substances and other active substances in the traditional Chinese medicines can destroycell membrane so as to inhibit germs well. Meanwhile, the fertilizer has effects of repelling insects and inhibiting breeding of insects.

Preparation method for edible fungus flavor food

The invention discloses a preparation method for an edible fungus flavor food. The edible fungus can be any one from edible agaricus bisporus, straw mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, shii-take, needle mushrooms, pleurotus nebrodensis, pleurotus eryngii, agrocybe aegerita, hypsizigus marmoreus, agaricus pratensis schaeff, spring mushrooms, stropharia rugoso-annulata, sparassis crispa, macrolepiota procera, tremellodon gelatinosum, black trumpet mushrooms, hericium erinaceus, pholiota nameko, lepista personata, mitake mushrooms, lactarius hatsudake, golden oyster mushrooms, pholiota adiposa, cantharellus cibarius, termitomyces albuminosus, tricholoma giganteum, pleurotus citrinopileatus, calocybe gambosa, truffle, amillariella mellea, fungus suillus, beef-steak fungus, lactarius deliciosus, tricholoma matsutake, agaricus bitorquis, pleurotus pulmonarius, toadstool and russula vinosa, and after treatment, the edible fungus is steeped into a steeping liquor prepared from red wine vinasse, high quality dry red wine and a flavouring agent in a vacuum and normal temperature and normal pressure combined condition, so as to obtain the flavor food; the edible fungus flavor food for leisure is prepared through oil-bath dewatering; a flavor food flavor puffed food is obtained through a swelling process, so as to meet consumers' hobbies and requirements.

A method for cultivating high-quality Pleurotus eryngii with waste mushroom residue

The invention discloses a method for culturing high-quality pleurotus geesteranus by using waste pleurotus eryngii residue. The method is characterized in that: when raw materials are prepared and treated, the culture material composition for production, namely the formula composition of raw materials, comprises the following raw materials in part by weight: 400 to 700 parts of waste pleurotus eryngii residue, 200 to 300 parts of sawdust, 300 to 500 parts of corn straw, 100 to 200 parts of cotton seed hull, 200 to 350 parts of bran, 10 to 20 parts of gypsum, 15 to 15 parts of lime, and 10 to 1 5 parts of white sugar. A proper amount of sodium selenite serving as a clearing auxiliary agent is added into each 100 kilograms of dry culture material. By the method, the waste is utilized, the cost of the raw materials is lowered, the resource waste is reduced, environmental pollution is lightened, the sources of the raw materials are easily solved, the process is simple, labor and effort are saved in management, and stable yield and high yield are achieved; and by adding a little amount of sodium selenite (Na2SeO3) serving as the clearing auxiliary agent, the cadmium content of the pleurotus geesteranus finished product is reduced, and the production and the export scale are enlarged.

Chinese medicament preparation for treating depression and anxiety as well as preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a traditional Chinese medicine preparation for treating depressive disorder and anxiety disorder and a preparation method thereof. The preparation comprises the following components in portion by weight: 10 to 30 portions of prepared rhizome of rehmannia, 10 to 30 portions of Flos Albiziae, 10 to 30 portions of shelled cedar seed, 10 to 30 portions of rhizoma cyperi, 10 to 30 portions of bupleurum, 10 to 30 portions of Chinese yam, 10 to 30 portions of prepared fleece-flower root, 10 to 30 portions of gynostemma pentaphylla, 10 to 30 portions of gardenia, 10 to 30 portions of radix codonopsitis, 10 to 30 portions of angelica, 10 to 30 portions of unprocessed oyster, 10 to 30 portions of hoantchy root, 10 to 30 portions of schisandra, 10 to 30 portions of epimedium, 10 to 30 portions of spina date seed, 10 to 30 portions of milkwort, 10 to 30 portions of phellodendron amurense, 10 to 30 portions of anoectochilus formosanus, and 10 to 30 portions of uncaria. The traditional Chinese medicine preparation utilizes the efficacy of each drug to generate synergic action, and has the efficacies of relieving restlessness and soothing the nerves, nourishing the mind and replenishing the deficiency, soothing the nerves and benefitting the intelligence, reducing phlegm and dredging acupuncture points, nourishing the mind and protecting the liver, promoting Qi circulation and removing obstruction in the collateral, and relieving melancholy, anxiety and insomnia so as to effectively treat the depressive disorder and the anxiety disorder.

Comprehensive factory-like circulation production method of pleurotus eryngii and common edible mushrooms

The invention relates to a comprehensive factory-like circulation production method of pleurotus eryngii, and relates to the technical field of fungus plantation. By utilizing liquid cultures, the production efficiency of the pleurotus eryngii and the little oyster mushroom, pleurotus cornucopiae or pleurotus geesteranus is greatly improved, the amount of used labor and floor space are reduced, and cost is reduced. Due to the facts that local cotton stalks are utilized for producing the pleurotus eryngii, and a large number of waste mushroom dregs produced after the pleurotus eryngii is produced serve as main cultivating materials of little oyster mushroom, pleurotus cornucopiae or pleurotus geesteranus, cost is greatly reduced, and environmental pollution is removed. A semi-underground mushroom house is adopted for full-year little oyster mushroom, pleurotus cornucopiae or pleurotus geesteranus industrialized production, the limited problem that a traditional greenhouse is affected by seasons is solved, and the yield and quality of mushroom products are improved. Fuel and labor are saved by utilizing a normal-pressure energy-saving sterilization cabinet. The waste mushroom dregs produced by the common edible mushroom production are manufactured into biomass pressing block fuel, fodder, marsh gas, organic fertilizer and the like. The comprehensive factory-like circulation production method is a comprehensive circulation production and circulation utilization environment-friendly production method.

A method of producing a healthcare yang-invigorating preparation for males

A method of producing a healthcare yang-invigorating preparation for males is provided. The method is characterized in that: male silkworm pupa-cordyceps militaris-oyster peptides prepared by subjecting raw materials including male silkworm pupae, cordyceps militaris (L.) Link and oyster to enzymolysis, a composite extract prepared from mulberry fruit, barbary wolfberry fruit, palmleaf raspberry fruit, solomonseal rhizome, common yam rhizome, gordon euryale seed, poria, jujube kernels, cortex cinnamomi, Chinese date and ginseng and broken pine pollen prepared from pine pollen are added and fully mixed, an excipient is added into the mixture and the mixture is prepared into granules, capsules, and a tablet candy preparation according to conventional preparing processes. Compatibility of components adopted is scientific. An adopted preparing process is unique and simple. According to the method and the preparation, a production process is simple, the preparation is simple to eat, has effects of tonifying the kidney and qi, tonifying the lung and kidney, promoting sperm production, boosting marrow, invigorating the spleen and the stomach, improving microcirculation of human bodies, eliminating moisture, removing paralysis, boosting immunity, preventing fatigue, resisting viruses, strengthening bodies, invigorating yang and treating impotence, has obvious curative effects, mild functions and no side or toxic effects, and is an ideal healthcare yang-invigorating preparation for males.

A kind of pharmaceutical composition for treating diabetes

The invention discloses a medicinal composition for treating diabetes. The medicinal composition consists of astragalus, gardenia, Szechuan lovage rhizome, siberian solomonseal rhizome, finger citron, root of red-rooted salvia, cinnamomvine, swordlike atractylodes rhizome, white paeony root, perilla fruit, kudzuvine root, fragrant solomonseal rhizome, oyster shell, rehmannia root, Chinese angelica, common anemarrhena rhizome, honeysuckle flower, heartleaf houttuynia herb, fresh imperata root, Chinese caterpillar fungus, semen nelumbinis, siberian solomonseal rhizome, cornus fruit, prepared rehmannia root, villous amomum fruit, liquoric root, medlar, asparagus, black sesame, tuckahoe, cherokee rose fruit, cistanche deserticola, angelica dahurica, adenophora, dark plum fruit, complanate astragalus seed, cassia seed, mulberry leaf, fresh reed rhizome, mint, oriental waterplantain rhizome, wrinkled gianthyssop herb and parslane herb. The medicinal composition can control the blood sugar level of various patients who suffer from the diabetes and improve the clinical symptoms of diabetes complications effectively. Therefore the medicinal composition can be used for treating the diabetesand the diabetes complications such as diabetic gastroparesis, diabetic nephroma, diabetic foot, diabetic neuropathy, diabetic eye diseases and diabetic pruritus and the like.

Method for cultivating tricholoma lobayense by utilizing fungus dregs

The invention relates to a method for cultivating tricholoma lobayense by utilizing fungus dregs in the edible fungus production field, which is characterized by utilizing the leftovers, namely fungusdregs, of the edible fungi instead of cottonseed hulls to cultivate the tricholoma lobayense, utilizing the method of biological fermentation to treat the fungus dregs and adding bran and other nutrients to form culture media, and effectively realizing cultivation of the tricholoma lobayense through the process flows of bagging, sterilizing, inoculating, hypha fermenting, cultivating, bag removing, soil covering, fruiting and harvesting, etc., wherein, the leftovers of the edible fungi are used for cultivating oyster mushrooms and needle mushrooms, etc. The method not only realizes resource of the organic wastes and reduces pollution of the organic wastes on the environment by developing and utilizing the leftovers of the edible fungi and conforms to the requirement on striving to developcircular economy encouraged by the state, but also greatly reduces the usage amount of the cottonseed hulls and other substances for cultivation, effectively lowers the production cost of the tricholoma lobayense, increases the cultivation benefits and ensures the biological conversion ratio to be more than 80%. The method utilizes the wastes and attains two objectives, thus being suitable for popularization and application in the rural areas.

Traditional Chinese medicine for treating cardiac, cerebral and vascular diseases and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a traditional Chinese medicine for treating cardiac, cerebral and vascular diseases; the drug is composed of forty kinds of crude drugs by weight parts: milk veteh, salvia miltiorrhiza, root of common peony, ligusticum wallichii, lumbricus, sanguisuga, rhizoma acori graminei, polygala root, red ocher, oyster, angelica, the root of kudzu vine, arisaema cum bile and the like; the preparation method is that: (1) the crude drugs are prepared into water extract liquid; (2) the water extract liquid is prepared into oral liquid; (3)the water extract liquid obtained by the step (1) is dried, crushed, sieved, undersize material is extracted powder; (4) the extracted powder prepared by the step (3) is prepared into various dosage forms. The preparation method of crude powder is that: lime earth of the crude drugs is sieved, and then the crude drugs are crushed and sieved, the undersize material is taken out and is sterilized to be crude powder, and the crude powder is prepared into various dosage forms. The traditional Chinese medicine has the major functions of treating miocardial infarction and angina caused by coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and cerebral thrombosis, hemiplegia, cerebral infarction, cerebrovascular accident, sequel of apoplexy and other symptoms, and the medicine has obvious effect on headache, dizziness and heart cerebrovascular diseases caused by high blood pressure and cerebral circulation insufficiency.

Kidney reinforcing and bone strengthening wine and making method thereof

The invention discloses a kidney reinforcing and bone strengthening wine and a making method thereof. The medicinal composition of the kidney reinforcing and bone strengthening wine comprises medical raw materials, by mass, 20-40 parts of codonopsis pilosula, 10-30 parts of astragalus membranaceus, 10-30 parts of atractylodes macrocephala koidz, 20-40 parts of liquorice, 10-30 parts of Chinese yam, 10-30 parts of angelica sinensis, 20-40 parts of prepared rehmannia roots, 10-30 parts of polygonum multiflorum, 10-30 parts of morinda officinalis, 10-30 parts of herba epimedii, 10-30 parts of fructus psoraleae, 10-30 parts of cistanche, 10-30 parts of cynomorium songaricum, 10-30 parts of the seeds of Chinese dodder, 10-30 parts of eucommia ulmoides, 20-40 parts of the fruits of Chinese wolfberry, 5-20 parts of cinnamon, 5-25 parts of monkshood, 10-30 parts of poria cocos, 10-30 parts of rhizoma alismatis, 20-40 parts of pericarpium citri reticulatae, 10-30 parts of cortex acanthopanacis, 10-30 parts of woodwardia japonica, 10-30 parts of dogwood, 10-30 parts of raspberries, 10-30 parts of schisandra chinensis, 10-30 parts of gorgon fruits, 10-30 parts of the rhizome of chuanxiong, 10-30 parts of the roots of bidentate achyranthes, 10-30 parts of the roots of red-rooted salvia, 10-30 parts of safflower carthamus, 20-40 parts of oyster, 20-40 parts of fossil fragments, 10-30 parts of scrophulariae, 10-30 parts of moutan bark, 10-30 parts of teasel roots, 10-30 parts of curculigo orchioides and 5-25 parts of herba taxilli.
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