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Planting method of famous and precious Chinese herb medicine dendrobium officinale

InactiveCN103004421AConducive to accumulation of emissionsAccelerate evaporationHorticultureFertilizer mixturesPlant rootsEvaporation
The invention relates to a planting method of famous and precious Chinese herb medicine dendrobium officinale, and the method is characterized in that a cultivation bed of a plantation trough with an undulated bottom is established under a certain facility environment, multiple mixed organic matrixes mainly comprising pine bark are paved, a nondestructive planting technology for stretching tissue culture seedling roots is adopted, and scientific and reasonable dendrobium officinale planting method adopting comprehensive cultivation measures such as a photo and temperature control technology, a fertilizer control technology, an insect and harmful organism nuisanceless control technology and a sustainable harvesting technology is adopted in different growth seasons and for different plants according to the biological characteristics of the dendrobium officinale; and due to the adoption of the method, the ventilation, moisture evaporation and moistening functions of a plant root environment can be enhanced, and harmful substances influencing the growth of the plant can be eliminated in time, so that the plant can grow strong, active components are highly concentrated, the resistance is enhanced, a purpose of high yield and excellent quality can be realized, the high yield and stable yield of the dendrobium officinale can be guaranteed, the product quality is excellent, sustainability for harvesting the dendrobium officinale for multiple years can be realized, and super high yield of fresh products about 600kg per Mu every year can be realized after the method is put into production.

Method for culturing pleurotus eryngii

InactiveCN102187785ASolve the chemical fertilizerSolve problems such as pesticide residuesHorticultureFertilizer mixturesPesticide residueMycelial cord
The invention discloses a method for culturing pleurotus eryngii. The method comprises the following steps of: selecting saw powder of alfalfa growing in organic soil, wild nuts in mountain and wild trees in mountain, mixing, fermenting, sterilizing, and inoculating the sterilized fermentation product to pleurotus eryngii hypha to culture to obtain mature pleurotus eryngii. By adopting the alfalfa growing in the organic soil, the problem that the alfalfa growing in common soil contains chemical fertilizer, pesticide residue and the like is solved, and harm of chemicals to a human body is solved; meanwhile, because the alfalfa is selected as one of the culture medium materials for culturing the pleurotus eryngii, the germination rate of the pleurotus eryngii can be increased by using the alfalfa to culture the pleurotus eryngii; and because the alfalfa is used as one of the culture medium materials, the growth speed of hypha can be increased, so that the production efficiency of the pleurotus eryngii is increased, and the economic benefit of the pleurotus eryngii is increased. The method has the advantages of achieving the best sterilization effect, saving the sterilization time, being simple and easy in material selection, saving a large amount of labor, reducing the production cost and increasing the economic benefit.

Intelligent LED (Light-Emitting Diode) light supplementing indoor circulating economical planting and breeding system

The invention discloses an intelligent LED (Light-Emitting Diode) light supplementing indoor circulating economical planting and breeding system, which is characterized by comprising a plant culturing system, an aquarium fish breeding system, an LED plant light supplementing system, an air circulating system, a water circulating system and a control system, wherein the plant culturing system is connected with the aquarium fish breeding system through the water circulating system; plants are irrigated by using fish breeding water, and excrements of fishes are purified by using the plants, so that circular utilization of water and nutrients is realized; the LED plant light supplementing system is connected with the plant culturing system, so that illumination adjustment and supplement are performed on the plants, and healthy growth of the plants is facilitated; and the aquarium fish breeding system is connected with the air circulating system, so that air with a certain flow amount is pumped into a fish tank periodically, and the oxygen content in water is ensured. According to the economical planting and breeding system, a complete indoor economical planting and breeding system is constructed, and the entire system is simple in structure and low in cost; and meanwhile, the economical planting and breeding system has the effects of purifying indoor air, adjusting indoor air humidity and beautifying indoor environment.

Method for producing feedstuff containing ganoderma lucidum active ingredient and feedstuff using ganoderma lucidum liquid fermentation liquid

A method for using ganoderma lucidum liquid fermentation liquor to prepare feed and feed additive containing ganoderma lucidum active ingredient, pertains to the field of biofermentation and feed. The invention includes steps of: a. centrifugally separating the ganoderma lucidum liquid fermentation liquor at 5000 per-minute to obtain the ganoderma lucidum fermentation supernatant and ganoderma lucidum residues; b. adopting a rear spraying process to mixing the ganoderma lucidum fermentation supernatant with the feed in a proportionality of adding 0.5-1.5 ml of the supernatant in the feed for preparing feed containing ganoderma lucidum active ingredient; c. performing a second fermentation to the ganoderma lucidum residues for preparing the feed additive containing ganoderma lucidum active ingredient. The invention fully use the ganoderma lucidum fermentation liquor, has no waste water and waste slag discharge, simple steps, low cost, and easy large-scale industrialization. Products are rich in Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides and ganoderma lucidum acid; have a balance immune system, and antibacterial, antiviral, anti-parasitic, anti-tumor, anti-radiation and the like extensive physiology activities, thereby largely improving the immune disease resistance, maintaining the animal intestinal health, and further improving the production performance and market efficiency of animals.

Space plant culture device

The invention provides a space plant culture device comprising a culture box which is partitioned into a left chamber and a right chamber via a longitudinal partition. The left chamber is provided with an upper layer and a lower layer, an azolla moist cultivation tray is arranged on the upper layer, a vegetable moist cultivation tray is arranged on the lower layer, the right chamber is provided with a seedling cultivation tray, an LED lamp panel is arranged above the azolla moist cultivation tray, the vegetable moist cultivation tray and the seedling cultivation tray, and the right chamber is further provided with a bag-type solution collecting box used for providing a culture solution and a peristaltic pump used for driving the culture solution to flow. The space plant culture device is provided with a plant culture solution supply system, an LED illumination system and a monitoring system which are complete and needed for growth of azolla and short small salad vegetables in the whole growth period, on-line parameter setting, automatic record storing and intelligent system controlling can be realized, population, individual photosynthetic efficiency and biological-yield efficient production cycle of the plants as well as change rules in space microgravity environment of the plants can be researched, and requirements on spatial scientific experiments and space station key technology experiments can be met.
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