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Dedicated encrypted virtual channel in a multi-channel serial communications interface

InactiveUS7673140B2cost efficientprotection be often compromise
A data processing system, circuit arrangement, and method to communicate data over a multi-channel serial communications interface (14) using a dedicated encrypted virtual channel from among multiple virtual channels supported by the communications interface (14). Encryption for the dedicated encrypted virtual channel is provided by a hardware encryption circuit (34) that is coupled to the interface, such that encryption may be performed at a relatively low level, and with substantial protection from compromise, particularly along chip boundaries. In one particular application, access control may be provided for a digital data stream using a multi-chip access control scheme that relies on one chip (148) to provide access control over a received digital data stream, with another chip (150) utilized to process the digital data stream once authorized to do so. A secure, multi-channel serial communications interface between the multiple chips re-encrypts a digital data stream that has been decrypted on the access control chip (148) using hardware encryption logic (162) disposed on the access control chip (148), communicates the re-encrypted digital data steam over a dedicated encryption virtual channel supported by the multi-channel serial communications interface, and decrypts the re-encrypted digital data steam using hardware decryption logic (164) disposed on the other chip (150).

High-antibacterial low-emission automotive modified polypropylene composite material and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a high-antibacterial low-emission automotive modified polypropylene composite material and a preparation method thereof. The modified polypropylene is mainly composed of the following components: 1-5 parts of nano zinc dioxide antibacterial functional masterbatch, 60-90 parts of conventional polypropylene, 5-40 parts of porous calcium silicate, 8-20 parts of an elastomer, 0.1-1.5 parts of an antioxidant, and 0-3 parts of other auxiliary agents. According to the composite material and method provided by the invention, the porous calcium silicate particles, the nano zincoxide with high-efficiency antibacterial properties and the conventional polypropylene are subjected to blend extrusion through a twin-screw extruder or an injection molding machine, the extruded strip mixture is cooled by circulating water, the cooled material enters a pelletizer, pelletizing is performed, and therefore the modified polypropylene particles are obtained, wherein the nano zinc oxide gives high-efficiency long-lasting antibacterial ability to the modified polypropylene because the nano zinc oxide easily generates active oxygen; and at the same time, the porous calcium silicate gives excellent comprehensive mechanical properties to the modified polypropylene because the porous calcium silicate has a uniform particle size and chemical stability, especially, the porous characteristic of the porous calcium silicate effectively ''captures'' small-molecular substances and unpleasant odor produced by degradation of the polypropylene during the adsorption extrusion process, andthe porous calcium silicate gives the low-odor low-emission characteristics to the modified polypropylene.
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