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Series reminders and series recording from an interactive television program guide

An interactive television program guide system with program series reminder and recording capabilities is provided. The system allows a user to set a reminder or schedule a recording for a single episode or for each episode of a program series. In addition, other options may be provided that allow the user to determine, for example, whether to schedule reminders/recordings for episodes on all channels on which the program airs or only on a selected channels, whether to schedule reminders/recordings for all episodes including reruns or only new episodes, whether to schedule reminders/recordings for network or syndicated episodes, and whether to schedule reminders/recordings for episodes on all days or only on selected days of the week. Before the scheduled broadcast time of each episode of each selected program series, the system sends a reminder message to the user that reminds the user of the program episode or sends a record command to a videocassette recorder to initiate recording of the episode. The system allows a user to view a list of all currently requested program reminders and scheduled program recordings. The user may update, change, or cancel any entry in either list or the system may automatically update the lists to match new broadcast schedule information. If the user sets a reminder or schedules a recording that conflicts with an existing reminder or recording, the system may inform the user of the conflict and allow the user to resolve the conflict or the system may resolve the conflict.

Implantable medical device for monitoring cardiac blood pressure and chamber dimension

InactiveUS20050027323A1Maximize cardiac outputConvenient timeCatheterHeart stimulatorsSonificationHeart chamber
Implantable medical devices (IMDs) for monitoring signs of acute or chronic cardiac heart failure by measuring cardiac blood pressure and mechanical dimensions of the heart and providing multi-chamber pacing optimized as a function of measured blood pressure and dimensions are disclosed. The dimension sensor or sensors comprise at least a first sonomicrometer piezoelectric crystal mounted to a first lead body implanted into or in relation to one heart chamber that operates as an ultrasound transmitter when a drive signal is applied to it and at least one second sonomicrometer crystal mounted to a second lead body implanted into or in relation to a second heart chamber that operates as an ultrasound receiver. The ultrasound receiver converts impinging ultrasound energy transmitted from the ultrasound transmitter through blood and heart tissue into an electrical signal. The time delay between the generation of the transmitted ultrasound signal and the reception of the ultrasound wave varies as a function of distance between the ultrasound transmitter and receiver which in turn varies with contraction and expansion of a heart chamber between the first and second sonomicrometer crystals. One or more additional sonomicrometer piezoelectric crystal can be mounted to additional lead bodies such that the distances between the three or more sonomicrometer crystals can be determined. In each case, the sonomicrometer crystals are distributed about a heart chamber such that the distance between the separated ultrasound transmitter and receiver crystal pairs changes with contraction and relaxation of the heart chamber walls.

System and method for managing a plurality of advertising networks

According to one aspect of the present invention a method and apparatus are described for improving advertising conversions on the Internet. An analysis engine is provided that analyzes raw advertising metrics in order to identify improvements. A treemap based visualization engine allows the user to visualize a tree in two dimensional space. In one embodiment, an action engine includes rapid one-box recommendation that allows the user to take an action to improve an advertising campaign. According to another aspect, a system and method for managing a plurality of advertising networks is also provided. A typical embodiment of the management system integrates the analysis engine, visualization engine, and action engine in order to optimize a user/manager's time and effort in organizing, improving, and managing advertising campaigns across a plurality of advertising networks. The presentation and organization (rendered by the visualization engine) of visual displays of advertising information (compiled by analysis engine) effectively reduces the workload in managing the plurality of advertising networks, additionally, recommendations can be based on advertising information (supplied by the action engine). In one example, visual cues in the form of color designations, bring the user's attention to advertising nodes on which actions are estimated to have the significant impact. The definition of what a significant impact is may be established by default or in other embodiments can be configurable by each particular user or manager. Once the user's attention is brought to a particular advertising node, actions and alerts can be recommended to improve an individual advertising campaign, ad group, keyword, ad copy, and/or ad. In one embodiment, by providing an interface to access to other networks with their own advertising campaigns a plurality of networks can be managed.
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