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Graphene high-impedance surface for direction pattern-reconfigurable antenna

InactiveCN106025563AChange impedance stateControl current distributionAntennasReconfigurable antennaControl system
The invention discloses a graphene high-impedance surface for a direction pattern-reconfigurable antenna, and belongs to the technical field of antennas. The high-impedance surface is formed by periodically arranging a plurality of high-impedance surface units, wherein each high-impedance surface unit comprises a composite dielectric substrate, a square metal patch arranged on the upper surface of the composite dielectric substrate, graphene patches arranged on the left side and the right side of the composite dielectric substrate and an all-metal surface arranged on the lower surface of the composite dielectric substrate; and the graphene patches are rectangular patches of connecting the metal patches of two units. Continuous reconfiguration of direction patterns can be achieved within a relatively large angle range (+/-80 degrees); constraints of discrete reconfiguration of the direction patterns of using a switch element, an array antenna and the like in the past are overcome; meanwhile, the high-impedance surface is suitable for multiple antenna radiation unit forms; the overall design cost of the antenna is reduced; meanwhile, the antenna reconfiguration control system is also greatly simplified; the defects that a large antenna system is needed in the past and subsequent control is complicated are overcome; simple adjustment is really achieved; and the main lobe gain value of the antenna is not lost.
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