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The World Wide Web (WWW), commonly known as the Web, is an information system where documents and other web resources are identified by Uniform Resource Locators (URLs, such as, which may be interlinked by hypertext, and are accessible over the Internet. The resources of the WWW may be accessed by users by a software application called a web browser.

Method and System for Searching a Data Network by Using a Virtual Assistant and for Advertising by using the same

The present invention relates to a method, system and server configured to enable a plurality of users to conduct a data search within a database over a data network, comprising: (a) a first software component for enabling one or more of the following: (a.1.) providing a user with a user interface, having a virtual assistant, for enabling said user to conduct a data search over a data network by means of said virtual assistant; and (a.2.) receiving data from said user interface, having said virtual assistant, and conveying corresponding data back to said user to be provided to him by means of said virtual assistant; (b) a second software component for enabling said virtual assistant to interact with said user; and (c) a third software component for: (c.1.) enabling receiving from said user at least one search query by means of said virtual assistant; (c.2.) enabling analyzing and processing said at least one search query for determining one or more data items from a plurality of data items stored and/or indexed within a search database, said one or more data items being relevant to said at least one search query, giving rise to relevant data items being the search results; and (c.3.) enabling providing at least a portion of said search results to said user by means of said virtual assistant, each search result being provided as the relevant data item or as a link to said relevant data item.

System and method for adding an advertisement to a personal communication

A system and method is provided for adding an advertisement to a digital message and providing additional communication data to a recipient that interacts with the advertisement regardless of the network device the recipient is utilizing. An advertisement generator residing on a network host accepts digital messages from contributors and allows the contributors to select an advertisement to be displayed with their contributed messages. These digital messages may be sent to specified recipients or published on a Web site. Using stored personal data associated with the contributor and with the recipient of a digital message, in addition to the content of the message itself, the advertisement generator suggests advertisements to be included with the digital messages based on their contextual relevance. In exchange for including an advertisement with a digital message, a contributor is compensated. If the contributor-selected advertisement is provided by a third party advertiser, the message, contributor, and advertisement data is utilized to compensate the contributor of that message for sending it to at least one recipient or posting it on a Web site. If the advertisement is interactive, and the advertisement is interacted with, the advertisement generator will provide the recipient with additional communication data in a format that can be understood by the recipient network device.

Calendar-driven application technique for preparing responses to incoming events

The present invention provides a method, system, and computer program product for using calendar events for users of electronic calendaring systems to prepare customized responses to incoming events (such as incoming electronic mail, voice calls, instant messages, etc.), where the response supplies information pertaining to the user. Electronic calendars are analyzed, and information from this analysis is stored in advance of detecting an incoming message. The stored information can then be used to quickly generate a response when a message does arrive. A multi-level hierarchy of calendar events is used, where a top level of the hierarchy is used for context events which have a relatively long duration and a lower level of the hierarchy is used for specific events which occur during context events. The calendar user may specify attribute values such as how the user can be reached; whether, and how often, the user checks his e-mail or voice mail; etc. Attribute values are hierarchically coalesced. Overrides may be provided, enabling a user to fine-tune his preferences. Use of the present invention enables other persons trying to contact a calendar owner to be informed of the calendar owner's status and other information, without requiring the calendar owner to manually change configuration settings of his e-mail or greetings of his voice mail, etc. The techniques disclosed herein are also applicable to other scenarios such as project management.
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