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Haptic perception is the process of recognizing objects through touch. It involves a combination of somatosensory perception of patterns on the skin surface (e.g., edges, curvature, and texture) and proprioception of hand position and conformation.

Energy-saving method of cloud data center based on virtual machine migration and load perception integration

The invention relates to a system level virtualization technology and an energy-saving technology in the field of the structure of a computer system, and discloses an energy-saving method of a cloud data center based on virtual machine migration and load perception integration. The method comprises the steps: dynamically completing the migration and the reintegration of the load of a virtual machine in the cloud data center by monitoring the resource utilization rate of a physical machine and the virtual machine and the resource use condition of current each physical server under the uniform coordination and control of an optimized integration strategy management module of the load perception and an on-line migration control module of the virtual machine, and tuning off the physical servers which run without the load, so that the total use ratio of the server resource is improved, and the aim of energy saving is achieved. The energy-saving method of the cloud data center based on the virtual machine on-line migration and the load perception integration technology is effectively realized, the amount of the physical servers which are actually demanded by the cloud data center is reduced, and the green energy saving is realized.

Interactive framework for understanding user's perception of multimedia data

A methodology of highly interactive intra-object relevance feedback is used to retrieve multimedia data from a database. The query object could consist of one or more images, images derived from video, a video sequence, or an audio clip. The query is adjusted using the information fed-back by the user about the relevance of previously extracted part(s) from the object itself, such that the adjusted query is a better approximation to the user's perception. The information fed-back by the user during intra-query modification is used for intra-object learning of the user's perception. The refined query is subsequently used for inter-object relevance feedback where data is retrieved from the database based on parameters learnt by intra-query object feedback mechanism, and the user provides feedback by ranking the retrieved objects in order of their relevance to him or her. In the system according to the invention, inter-object learning of user's perception is expedited by utilizing the learnt parameters in the intra-object relevance feedback. Furthermore, the methodology of the invention allows for building refined queries based on part(s) or sub-sequence(s) of the query object rather than the entire object itself, thereby reducing the number of irrelevant objects, retrieved from the database. The methodology allows synthesis and modification of the input query object itself in the event a query object is not directly available, and, also to learn the user's perception.

Parking navigation and finding system based on object networking wireless sensing and video perception

ActiveCN101937619AAccurate parking navigationCar owners find parking spaces efficientlyIndication of parksing free spacesCo-operative working arrangementsDisplay deviceThird generation
The invention provides a parking navigation and finding system based on object networking wireless sensing and video perception, comprising a main control computer. The main control computer is connected with a plurality of park control systems with number plate automatic identification and a plurality of integrated LCD displays with players and wireless stall sensors through a network; the wireless stall sensor is installed at each stall; the park control system comprises a number plate identification system, an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) reader-writer and a matched radio frequency identification electronic tag; and the LCD display comprises a navigation screen at the garage entrance and the LCD display arranged on a client forwarding path. The parking navigation and finding system has the advantages of actively informing a related internal part or a common platform of characteristic vehicle information and having a remote maintenance system transmitted through 3G and is a typical object networking perception system. The parking navigation is precise through an object networking wireless perception technique and a number plate identification technique, a vehicle owner finds a stall efficiently and the identity identification is in advance.

Automatic driving system based on highway

The invention relates to the technical field of automatic driving, in particular to an automatic driving system based on a highway. The automatic driving system comprises a sensor, a positioning module, a man-machine interaction module, an automatic driving controller and a vehicle executing module. A traditional laser radar is replaced with a monocular camera, a stereo camera, a forward-direction long distance millimeter microwave radar and four-corner middle distance millimeter microwave radars which are arranged behind an inside-vehicle rearview mirror, at the center of a vehicle front bumper and on the two sides of the front bumper and a rear front bumper correspondingly. Multiple kinds of information in traffic sign road information and obstruction information are collected separately. The whole automatic driving system of perception fusion, path planning, decision planning, controlling and the like is integrated into an embedded type controller to achieve automatic driving. Compared with a traditional automatic driving system adopting the laser radar, the cost is low, and integration is easy. Perception precision is improved greatly, the system is high in integration level and small in size, the size of the automatic driving system is reduced greatly, the power consumption of the system is lowered, and mass production is easy.
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