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Threat early warning and monitoring system and method based on big data analysis and deployment architecture

ActiveCN107196910ARealize acquisitionRealize multi-dimensional graphical and intuitive displayData switching networksFull text searchTime processing
The invention discloses a threat early warning and monitoring system and method based on big data analysis and a deployment architecture. The system comprises a data acquisition system module, which is used for carrying out real-time data acquisition on original network traffic; a data storage system module, which is used for carrying out data merging and data cleaning on the data collected by the data acquisition system module, and then, carrying out storage management; a real-time threat intelligent analysis system module, which is used for carrying out deep analysis and mining on security data through data mining, text analysis, traffic analysis, full-text search engine and real-time processing, and identifying unknown security threats in real time by combining an intrusion detection module, a network abnormal behavior module and a device abnormal behavior module; and a situation awareness display system module, which is used for carrying out comprehensive display on security threat situations stereoscopically in real time through a data visualization tool library. The threat early warning and monitoring system and method based on big data analysis and the deployment architecture are used for network security threat situation awareness and deep analysis under a plurality of service scenarios, and realize comprehensive abilities from attack early warning, attack identification to analysis and evidence obtaining.

Smart Video Surveillance System Ensuring Privacy

This invention describes a video surveillance system which is composed of three key components 1—smart camera(s), 2—server(s), 3—client(s), connected through IP-networks in wired or wireless configurations. The system has been designed so as to protect the privacy of people and goods under surveillance. Smart cameras are based on JPEG 2000 compression where an analysis module allows for efficient use of security tools for the purpose of scrambling, and event detection. The analysis is also used in order to provide a better quality in regions of the interest in the scene. Compressed video streams leaving the camera(s) are scrambled and signed for the purpose of privacy and data integrity verification using JPSEC compliant methods. The same bit stream is also protected based on JPWL compliant methods for robustness to transmission errors. The operations of the smart camera are optimized in order to provide the best compromise in terms of perceived visual quality of the decoded video, versus the amount of power consumption. The smart camera(s) can be wireless in both power and communication connections. The server(s) receive(s), store(s), manage(s) and dispatch(es) the video sequences on wired and wireless channels to a variety of clients and users with different device capabilities, channel characteristics and preferences. Use of seamless scalable coding of video sequences prevents any need for transcoding operations at any point in the system.
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