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Rivet tool for steel studs

An improved method for constructing a steel stud frame wall (10) or other sheet metal joining applications using self-punching rivet fasteners (26). The steel stud frame wall includes discrete members to be joined, such as studs (12) connected to a bottom (or top) track (14). A rivet (26) is driven from the outside and staked on the inner, blind side of the overlapping regions of sheet metal. A leading tip (32) of the rivet (26) punches a chad (54) and is then deformed in a die cavity (40) of a setting tool to lock the formed steel pieces in position. The head (28) of the rivet (26) is pressed into the sheet metal during the setting operation so that a pocket (42) is formed out of the surrounding sheet metal, the pocket (42) having at least two distinct contours (56, 58) formed around the rivet head (28). The pocket (42) allows the rivet head (28) to seat into the outer surface of the sheet metal, thus facilitating a subsequent covering operation with wallboard (98) or the like. The multiple distinct contours (56, 58) of the pocket (42) substantially enhances the joint integrity in both sheer and rotational directions. The punched chad (54) helps avoid the introduction of stress cracks in the sheet metal, thereby enhancing joint integrity. A tool for setting the rivet (26) can be actuated mechanically, pneumatically, hydraulically, electrically, by combustion or any other known process.

Electroconductive paste with adhesion enhancer

The present invention relates to an electroconductive paste useful in the manufacture of silicon solar cells and solar cell modules, especially for the backside of the silicon wafer. The electroconductive paste comprises metallic particles, glass frit, organic vehicle, and an adhesion enhancer. The adhesion enhancer comprises a metal or a metal oxide, or any other metal compound that will convert to metal or metal oxide at firing temperature. The adhesion enhancer comprises at least one metal selected from the group consisting of tellurium, tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, nickel, antimony, magnesium, zirconium, silver, cobalt, cerium, and zinc, or oxides thereof. Preferably, the adhesion enhancer is tellurium or tellurium dioxide, and may be present in an amount of about 0.01-5 wt. % (based upon 100% total weight of the paste). The glass frits can be leaded or lead-free and may be present in an amount of about 1-10 wt. %. The metallic particles can be any of silver, aluminum, gold or nickel, or any alloys thereof, and can be present in an amount of about 40-75 wt. %. Another aspect of the present invention relates to a solar cell printed with an electroconductive paste composition on its backside, as well as an assembled solar cell module. Another aspect of the present invention relates to soldering pads formed by the present invention electroconductive paste composition on a silicon substrate, wherein the pull force required to remove the soldering pad from the silicon substrate is above 1 Newton. An additional aspect of the present invention relates to a method of producing a solar cell.
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