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Methods for fabricating three-dimensional all organic interconnect structures

The present invention comprises methods for making three-dimensional (3-D) liquid crystalline polymer (LCP) interconnect structures using a high temperature singe sided liquid crystalline polymer, and low temperature single sided liquid crystalline polymer, whereas both the high temperature LCP and the low temperature LCP are drilled using a laser or mechanical drill or mechanically punch to form a z-axis connection. The single sided Conductive layer is used as a bus layer to form z axis conductive stud conductive stud within the high temperature and low temperature LCP, followed by deposition of a metallic capping layer of the stud that serves as the bonding metal between the conductive interconnects to form the z-axis electrical connection. High temperature and low temperature LCP circuit layers are etched or built up to form circuit patterns and subsequently bonded together to form final 3-D multilayer circuit pattern whereas the low temperature LCP melts to form both dielectric to dielectric bond to high temperature LCP circuit layer, and dielectric to conductive bond, whereas, metal to metal bonding occurs with high temperature metal capping layer bonding to conductive metal layer. The resultant structure is then packaged using two metallized organic cores that are laminated onto either side of the device using a low temperature adhesive with similar electrical properties and subsequently metallized to form the input output terminals and EM shielding.

Tiled displays

The application generally relates to reflective display apparatus having a flexible display panel and driver electronics to drive the flexible display panel and methods of forming a flexible display unit for a reflective display apparatus having a flexible display panel and driver electronics to drive the flexible display panel, and more particularly to tiled displays comprising reflective, e.g., electrophoretic, display medium. One embodiment is a reflective display apparatus having a flexible display panel and driver electronics to drive the flexible display panel, the flexible display panel comprising at least first and second flexible display units, the driver electronics configured to drive said flexible display units to display respective image regions, wherein said first and second said flexible display units are adjacent and each comprise: a display layer comprising display medium; and a control layer having a backplane and a substrate to support the backplane, the backplane to control said display layer to display an image region, wherein: the driver electronics comprises a first drive electronics unit to control the backplane of said first display unit and a second drive electronics unit to control the backplane of said second display unit, said first drive electronics unit disposed on said first display unit and said second drive electronics unit disposed on said second display unit, a said drive electronics unit is mounted behind a said substrate of a said adjacent display unit to thereby substantially hide the said drive electronics unit from a user viewing a said image region displayed on the said adjacent display unit, wherein the display layer of the said adjacent display unit is in front of the said substrate, the said drive electronics unit attached to a said adjacent display unit.

Flexible circuit board of LED illumination array

The invention discloses a flexible circuit board convenient for efficient heat dissipation and mainly used in a high-power LED illumination array, belonging to the semiconductor illumination technical field. The flexible circuit board of an LED illumination array is characterized in that: the circuit board is provided with a flexible substrate, a connection circuit, an insulating film-covered layer, a heat-conducting rubber pad and an LED light source; the connection circuit is arranged on the surface of the flexible substrate; the surfaces of the flexible substrate and the connection circuit are covered with the insulating film-covered layer to form a circuit board module; the LED light source is packaged inside the circuit board module in an array mode; the bottom surface of the flexible substrate is adhered to the surface of the heat-conducting rubber pad. Therefore, the entire flexible circuit board module has certain elasticity and flexibility and can adapt to bending, twisting and crimp deformation of certain strength; moreover, the invention can also be arranged on non-flat surfaces not more than a certain curvature such as a cylindrical surface or a spherical surface. The invention has wider application scope, better heat dissipation performance, less production cost, convenient installation and substantially increased production efficiency.
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