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Lead Bonding. Lead Bonding as it is known is when the manufacturer bond the two pieces of wood together with industrial glue.

Method of stacking thin substrates by transfer bonding

This invention describes a method of stacking, bonding, and electrically interconnecting a plurality of thin integrated circuit wafers to form an interconnected stack of integrated circuit layers. The first integrated circuit layer is formed by conventional processing on a silicon wafer to the stage where bond pads are patterned on a wiring layer interconnecting the subjacent semiconductive devices. The remaining integrated circuit layers are formed by first processing a standard wafer to form integrated circuit devices and wiring levels up to but not including bond pads. Each of these wafers is mounted onto a handler wafer by its upper face with a sacrificial bonding agent. The wafer is thinned, permanently fastened to the top surface of the first base wafer by a non-conductive adhesive applied to the thinned under face, and dismounted from the handler. Vertical openings are etched through the thinned layer to the bond pads on the subjacent wafer. Robust conductive pass-through plugs with integrated upper bond pads are formed in the openings. Additional thinned integrated circuit layers may be prepared, thinned, cemented onto the stack. Wiring interconnections can be made between any two or more layers. The process is unique in that it can be used to further stack and interconnect any number of thinned wafer layers to form a three dimensional integrated circuits, including MEMS devices. This approach provides a low temperature wafer bonding method using an adhesive which results in process simplicity and cost effectiveness by eliminating an additional masking and patterning process for under bump metal thereby enabling standard wafers to be integrated into a 3D stack with existing wire bonded wafers.

Partially Patterned Lead Frames and Methods of Making and Using the Same in Semiconductor Packaging

A method of making a lead frame and a partially patterned lead frame package with near-chip scale packaging (CSP) lead-counts is disclosed, wherein the method lends itself to better automation of the manufacturing line as well as to improving the quality and reliability of the packages produced therefrom. This is accomplished by performing a major portion of the manufacturing process steps with a partially patterned strip of metal formed into a web-like lead frame on one side, in contrast with the conventional fully etched stencil-like lead frames, so that the web-like lead frame, which is solid and flat on the other side is also rigid mechanically and robust thermally to perform without distortion or deformation during the chip-attach and wire bond processes, both at the chip level and the package level. The bottom side of the metal lead frame is patterned to isolate the chip-pad and the wire bond contacts only after the front side, including the chip and wires, is hermetically sealed with an encapsulant. The resultant package being electrically isolated enables strip testing and reliable singulation without having to cut into any additional metal. The use of the instant partially patterned lead frame in making ELP, ELPF and ELGA-type CSPs is also disclosed.
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