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Use of nanosecond scale, time-resolved, imaging to differentiate contemporaneous fluorescence responses from multiple substances

Time-dependent differences in fluorescence responses of normal surfaces of the fruit or vegetable as opposed to surfaces which are contaminated with feces, may be used for improved detection of feces-contaminated fruits and vegetables. In this process, the surface of a fruit or vegetable which contains a native chlorophyll is illuminated with a pulse of UV or visible light having a wavelength effective to elicit fluorescence of feces of a plant consuming animal. The intensity of fluorescent light emissions from the surface are measured at one or more wavelengths characteristic of the emission spectra of chlorophyll or its degradation products, at a nanosecond-scale time period or window which is after the peak emission of the native chlorophyll of the fruit or vegetable. The presence of fecal contamination is determined by comparing this measured intensity to a threshold value of the intensity of fluorescent light emissions for a non-feces contaminated control of the same fruit or vegetable measured at substantially the same conditions, substantially the same said time period, and at substantially the same said wavelengths. A determination that the measured intensity of the fluorescent light emissions is significantly greater than the threshold value is an indication of the presence of fecal material on the surface of the fruit or vegetable.
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