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Apparatus and kit for injecting a curable biomaterial into into an intervertebral space

ActiveUS20060004326A1Maintaining fluid pressureStentsGuide needlesIntervertebral spaceBiological materials
An apparatus for introducing a curable biomaterial into a spinal disc nucleus pulposus, comprises: an injection needle sized for introduction into the nucleus pulposus; a syringe operable to inject a curable biomaterial contained in the syringe under fluid pressure through the injection needle; and a valve coupled between the injection needle and the syringe. The valve is operable in an open position to permit passage of the biomaterial from the syringe into the needle under fluid pressure, and in a closed position to maintain the fluid pressure of the injected biomaterial within the nucleus. In certain embodiments, the needle has a relatively smooth outer surface and a substantially constant outer diameter over its length. An outer docking cannula may also be provided that is sized and configured for piercing through the disc annulus and for docking thereto. A kit of parts is provided that comprises: a cannula having a distal end and a proximal end, the distal end of the cannula adapted to be inserted through the disc annulus; an injection needle having a distal end and a proximal end, the distal end adapted to be inserted into the proximal end of the cannula and configured for relatively close sliding fit therewithin; and a syringe for containing a quantity of curable biomaterial, the syringe adapted to be coupled to the proximal end of the needle and to inject the biomaterial into the needle under pressure. The kit may further comprises a quantity of curable biomaterial that is selected to have upon curing strong adhesive properties such as a protein polymer.
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