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Gimbaled and adjustable beverage holder

An improved cup holder is disclosed that is fully adjustable and gimbaled and also insulates the beverage it is holding. One embodiment of an adjustable cup holder according to the present invention, comprises an outer cup and an inner cup. The inner cup is arranged within said outer cup and capable of extending from and returning into said outer cup, said outer and inner cup combination forming a housing having a varying capacity, said housing capacity capable of changing to hold beverage containers of different depths and diameters. Another embodiment of a cup holder, according to the present invention comprises a housing to hold a beverage container and a holder mounting device mounted to said housing. The mounting device comprising a flexible strap and a buckle, with the buckle mounted to one end of the strap and the other end of said strap wrapping around a body. The strap is then attached back to the buckle such that the body is held within the strap. Still another embodiment of a cup holder according to the present invention is particularly adapted for mounting in a hole. It comprises a housing capable of holding a beverage container and having an adjustable capacity to hold beverage containers with different heights and diameters. An adjustor cup is included having a diameter to fit in a particular hole. The housing is disposed within the adjustor cup, and the depth and width of the housing capacity is adjustable by rotating the housing within said adjustor cup.
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