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Multitrack curve-tilting vehicle, and method for tilting a vehicle

A curve-tilting vehicle, e.g, a three-wheeled vehicle (30), including a laterally tilting device (4) at least one section (5) of the vehicle by a tilting axis (6) that runs substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis (3) of the vehicle such that the center of gravity of the vehicle can be displaced perpendicular to the direction of travel when driving, especially in curves or on a sloped or uneven ground. The vehicle includes at least one vehicle seat (8a) that is disposed in the tilting section (5) of the vehicle and is allocated to the driver who steers the vehicle. The vehicle further includes a detector (9a) for detecting a lateral force of the seat, which the body of the driver applies at least to one zone of the vehicle seat (8a) in a lateral direction (10a) extending perpendicular to the direction of travel. The lateral force of the seat may be detected using a pivotal spring-centered vehicle seat (8a). The detector (9a) is effectively connected to the lateral tilting includes (4) in such a way that lateral tilting occurs in accordance with the detected lateral force of the seat while the tilting speed is a function at least of the lateral force of the seat and the vehicle speed, the tilting speed increasing as the lateral force of the seat rises at a factor that decreases as the speed of the vehicle goes up. The invention further relates to a method for tilting such a vehicle.
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