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Folding two wheeled vehicle

A collapsible two wheeled vehicle comprises a substantially rigid main structural frame (10) defining a head section (16), a saddle pillar mount (17) and a bottom bracket (15). A rear wheel sub-frame (22) is pivoted to the frame (10) about the bottom bracket (15), and carriers a rear wheel (23), the sub-frame (22) being arranged for movement between a folded position where the rear wheel lies within the frame, between the head section (16) and the saddle pillar mount (17), and an active position where the sub-frame projects rearwardly beyond the frame. A pedal arrangement (19, 20, 21) is journalled in the bottom bracket (15) and drives the rear wheel (23) through an endless chain (25). A front wheel carrier is journalled to the head section (16) of the frame and has an arm (30) rotatably supporting a front wheel (31), the arm (30) being pivoted to the carrier for movement between a folded position where the front wheel (31) lies adjacent the rear wheel (23) when the sub-frame is in its folded position, and an active position where the arm projects generally downwardly from the carrier. The frame (1) carriers two opposed side panels (50) which are dimensioned so that the folded rear wheel sub-frame, rear wheel, front wheel carrier, folded arm and front wheel all lie substantially wholly within the confines of the side panels, the rear and front wheels lying outside the confines of the side panels when the sub-frame and arm are in their respective active positions.

Heated cycle grip

An electrically powered resistance heating handgrip is provided for a vehicle that employs an electrical storage battery. A control circuit to regulate the amount of power provided to the resistance elements in the grip is provided and preferably located within a hollow core that fits coaxially within the open end of a handlebar of a motorcycle or snowmobile, for example. The control circuit is mounted on a thin, narrow, elongated printed circuit board and includes a microprocessor that is programmed to contain a lookup table of temperatures. A thermistor is embedded in the casing of the handgrip proximate the heating element thereof. The thermistor provides feedback signals to the microprocessor which compares the temperature sensor feedback signals to a target temperature and provides or interrupts electrical power to the electrical heating element depending upon whether the temperature indicated by the thermistor is lower than the target temperature. The target temperature is established by a dial mounted in the butt end of the handgrip. The dial operates the wiper of a variable potentiometer to establish the target temperature. Heat is uniformly distributed throughout each handgrip by wrapping the heating element wire thereof about a thermally conductive sheet of aluminum, and encasing the wire within a temperature resistant dielectric sheathing, such as Teflon(R).

Intelligent robust control system for motorcycle using soft computing optimizer

InactiveUS20050197994A1Digital data processing detailsDigital dataSoft computingInput/output
A Soft Computing (SC) optimizer for designing a Knowledge Base (KB) to be used in a control system for controlling a motorcycle is described. In one embodiment, a simulation model of the motorcycle and rider control is used. In one embodiment, the simulation model includes a feedforward rider model. The SC optimizer includes a fuzzy inference engine based on a Fuzzy Neural Network (FNN). The SC Optimizer provides Fuzzy Inference System (FIS) structure selection, FIS structure optimization method selection, and teaching signal selection and generation. The user selects a fuzzy model, including one or more of: the number of input and/or output variables; the type of fuzzy inference; and the preliminary type of membership functions. A Genetic Algorithm (GA) is used to optimize linguistic variable parameters and the input-output training patterns. A GA is also used to optimize the rule base, using the fuzzy model, optimal linguistic variable parameters, and a teaching signal. The GA produces a near-optimal FNN. The near-optimal FNN can be improved using classical derivative-based optimization procedures. The FIS structure found by the GA is optimized with a fitness function based on a response of the actual plant model of the controlled plant. The SC optimizer produces a robust KB that is typically smaller that the KB produced by prior art methods.

Bicycle System

The field of the invention relates to bicycle systems, especially to bicycle systems adapted for use with smartphones, to smartphones configured for use with bicycle systems, and to methods and to computer software for use with such bicycle systems or smartphones, and to servers configured to communicate with such bicycle systems or smartphones. According to a first aspect of the invention, there is provided a bicycle system including a bicycle, the bicycle system including a processor integral to the bicycle, the bicycle system further including a battery integral to the bicycle, wherein the processor is powerable by the battery, the bicycle system including a smartphone holder configurable to receive a smartphone and to connect the smartphone to the processor, wherein in use the smartphone holder is attachable to, and detachable from, the smartphone. Advantages include that the smartphone can be charged by the battery, the smartphone can communicate with the processor so as to receive various information such as maintenance-related information of the bicycle system, the bicycle system can investigate the smartphone identity to check for unauthorized use of the bicycle system, the smartphone is held during bicycle system travel which reduces the risk of damage to the smartphone, and the bicycle system shape is more aerodynamic than that of a bicycle to which a processor and/or a battery has merely been bolted-on.
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