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Optimization method for speaking time of barrage in live website

The invention discloses an optimization method for a speaking time of a barrage in a live website. The optimization method comprises the following steps: receiving a barrage request transmitted by a user who successfully logins to a website studio; judging whether the user has a permission to speak according to the barrage request; if so, then judging the identity of the user according to the barrage request; when the identity of the user is an uncommon user, then transmitting an inform that the speaking time is unlimited to the user, and displaying a barrage content corresponding to the barrage request; when the identity of the user is a common user, then judging whether the user is a top user of the website studio according to the barrage request; and if so, then setting a corresponding limited speaking time for the user according to the ranking condition of the user in the website studio. The optimization method for the speaking time of the barrage in the live website provided by the invention can solve the technical problems in an existing barrage live broadcast platform that malicious users occupy a display area of the whole reviews, thus the use and access of normal users are interfered, and the speaking time of users with a higher contribution degree is limited and the degree of participation of the users is affected.

System and method for real-time language translation service

The invention discloses a system for real-time language translation service. The system is used for serving supply and requisitioning parties needing language translation and comprises a service module, a communication module and client modules, wherein the service module is used for crowdsourcing human translation and performing user management; the communication module is used for instantly transmitting information among the client modules in an instant messaging and/or P2P (Peer-to-Peer) mode; the client modules are used for accessing a crowdsourcing management module; the client modules are used for inputting and outputting translation requests and translation results and providing user interaction and self services; the communication module is respectively connected with the service module and the client module. The invention also discloses a method for the real-time service of the language translation. On the one hand, the invention provides a language translation tool with the advantages of good accuracy, real time, good convenience and flexibility as well as low price for the public; on the other hand, the invention provides a platform by which personal translation competence for language is fully exerted to help others and corresponding rewards or remuneration is got for the public. According to the system and the method disclosed by the invention, professional needs and daily needs of the public can be met.

Ultrasonic slitter

Apparatus for high-volume, high speed ultrasonic cutting or slitting comprising a blade having first and second cutting edges suspended from a reciprocating head, cantilevered over a conveyor supporting and advancing the food product, with the blade including first and second cutting edges on respective opposite sides thereof to cut the food product transversely. The head is preferably controlled for automated operation by an electronic controller to reciprocate transversely at a selected speed and a selected frequency within predetermined ranges over food product advancing on the conveyor. The blade preferably oscillates ultrasonically, and preferably at a frequency of approximately 20,000 Hz. The first and second cutting edges are preferably downwardly convergent, defining an included angle greater than 60 degrees and less than 90 degrees. In one particular embodiment, the internal angle is 70 degrees. In another embodiment, the angle is about 60 degrees. The blade may have a linear translating velocity of 25 to 35 inches per second, and more specifically may have a transverse velocity of approximately thirty inches per second. The apparatus may be used in high-speed, high-volume commercial food production operations for automated cutting of cheese products and other food products from large chunks, slabs and the like into smaller portions, and may also be used in other applications.

Method and device for registering fingerprints

One embodiment of the present invention discloses a method for registering fingerprints. The method for registering fingerprints comprises: obtaining first fingerprint data registered by a user, and determining a first fingerprint area containing the first fingerprint data according to a pre-set fingerprint partition area; marking the first fingerprint area when the fingerprint data of the first fingerprint area has been fully filled up; determining a second fingerprint area to be fully filled up according to fingerprint filling states of fingerprint areas except the first fingerprint area; prompting the user to regulate the registering posture of the fingerprint to a target registering posture with respect to the position information according to the position information of the second fingerprint area in the fingerprint partition area; and obtaining second fingerprint data registered through the target registering posture, and filling fingerprint data in the second fingerprint area according to the second fingerprint data. One embodiment of the present invention further discloses a terminal. The method and device for registering fingerprints have the advantages of enhanced user degree of participation of registering fingerprints, improved efficiency of registering fingerprints and enhanced user experience of the terminal.

Live broadcast interaction method and device, computer readable storage medium and computer equipment

The invention relates to a live broadcast interaction method and device, a computer readable storage medium and computer equipment, and the method comprises the steps: receiving a gift giving requestinitiated by an audience terminal, the gift giving request carrying a live broadcast video stream identification; acquiring live video data corresponding to the live video stream identifier, extracting an anchor portrait area in the live video data, and sending the extracted anchor portrait area to an audience terminal; receiving an interactive processing result sent by the audience terminal, theinteractive processing result being obtained by the audience terminal through interactive processing based on the anchor portrait area, the interactive processing result carrying a gift identifier andgift position information corresponding to the gift identifier; and based on the gift position information, performing superposition processing on the gift corresponding to the gift identifier and the live video data to obtain a synthesized video stream, and sending the synthesized video stream to the audience terminal. According to the scheme provided by the invention, audiences can participatein the gift making process, so that the interaction degree between the audiences and an anchor is improved.
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