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Support Apparatus

A support apparatus includes a first tube, a second tube pivotally connected with the first tube, a rod telescopically connected with the first tube and a positioning device for retaining the rod in position relative to the first tube. The positioning device includes a mount secured to the first tube and a latch movably mounted on the mount between an engaging position where the latch engages with the rod and a releasing position where the latch releases the rod. The mount includes two lateral portions secured to the first tube. The latch is pivotally mounted on the lateral portions of the mount. Each of the lateral portions of the mount defines an aperture. The latch defines an aperture. A bolt is inserted through the aperture defined in each of the lateral portions of the mount and the aperture defined in the latch. The mount includes an intermediate portion formed between the lateral portions. A spring is arranged between the intermediate portion of the mount and the latch for retaining the latch in the engaging position. The latch includes a first section for engagement with the rod and a second section to be operated so as to move the latch between the engaging and releasing positions. The rod includes a series of teeth. The first section of the latch includes at least one tooth formed thereon for engagement with at least one of the teeth formed on the rod in the engaging position.

Balance bodybuilding bicycle

ActiveCN102180220AImprove the safety of useConform to human body structureCycle standsRider propulsionFlywheelTreadle
The invention relates to a multifunctional vehicle, in particular to a balance bodybuilding bicycle. The balance bodybuilding bicycle comprises a bicycle handlebar and a bicycle body, wherein the bicycle handlebar is provided with a front wheel; the middle part of the bicycle body is provided with a middle shaft; a rear fork is provided with a rear wheel; the middle shaft is fixedly provided witha toothed disc; the toothed disc is in transmission connection with a flywheel of the rear wheel through a chain; the two ends of the middle shaft are fixedly connected with two centrosymmetric cranklevers; the movable end of each crank lever is hinged with one end of a connecting rod; the other end of the connecting rod is hinged with the middle part of a pedal; the end part of the pedal is hinged to the bicycle body; and the two sides of the rear wheel on the bicycle body are provided with two auxiliary wheels for balancing the bicycle body. A person stands on the pedal and treads the pedal to make the pedal swing up and down, so that the bicycle is driven to move to achieve the effect of riding instead of walking, and a running action is simulated to achieve a bodybuilding effect; andthe two auxiliary wheels are arranged on the two sides of the rear wheel, so that the bicycle is balanced on left and right sides when moving forwards, and using safety is improved.
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